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Secrets and Misdemeanors

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Book: Secrets and Misdemeanors

When he was done, Lyle moved to the sink to wash his hands, then he took off his yellow helmet and set it down so he could splash his face with the cool water.

David finished, fastened his trousers and stood next to Lyle to wash his hands. "Uh, how's the job going?"

"One more window to do in your office."

"Good. Very good."

"Are we messing you up? Do you need to be in there?" Lyle leaned back against the sink casually.

"No. No, you're fine. Just finish up." David dried his hands on a towel, pausing for a moment to think. Lyle was staring at him again. As the awkward silence grew, David was about to excuse himself and head back to his work when Lyle hissed, "Christ, you are absolutely beautiful."

Tilting his head, like a dog who can't understand English, David was certain he hadn't heard him right. "Uh...what did you say?"

"You heard me. I can't get enough of staring at you."

"You're embarrassing me, Lyle." David felt his cheeks light on fire and prayed no one entered the bathroom. Lyle moved closer, as if he needed a better look. "Blue," he said.

"Blue?" David echoed.

"Your eyes."

"Oh...yes, uh...this is very awkward." David felt as if he needed to step back to make more personal space between them, then again, maybe not. When Lyle touched his arm, David almost jerked back, but didn't. At the crush of Lyle's body against his, David was filled with so much fire he actually thought his shoes would melt to the floor. A hot mouth met his, sucking at his lips, searching for his tongue. With a sensation of pure sexually driven adrenalin rushing through his body like a tsunami, he felt as if he would pass out from the dizziness. Like a madman, David grabbed Lyle's smooth square jaw and devoured his mouth as if he had never kissed another soul and was starving for it. In the sterility of the white tiled room, their whimpers of pleasure echoed and wrapped around them. He couldn't catch his breath. David felt as if he needed air but couldn't breathe. That masculine tongue was driving him insane. A trace of cologne, a hint of male testosterone, all added to the maddening urgency. When hands cupped over his crotch, he parted from those lips and panted to catch his breath. "Lyle...someone will come in."

As David waited, it took a moment for Lyle to come around after what appeared to be a swoon of his own. "Lyle," David whispered, but with more force. Taking a step back, David straightened his clothing quickly and then smoothed his hand back through his hair.

"I want you."

At the intensity of those three devilish words, David found nothing short of pleading expressed in Lyle's green eyes.

"Do you think this is a good idea?" David glanced back at the closed door in paranoia.

"David, please."

"Yes...yes, okay. How? Where? Not here."

"A hotel? I don't know."

"A hotel? Oh no. Not that. Not a hotel. Where do you live?"

"I live with Jeff. The guy who came into your office with me. I can't bring you back there. He's not the kind that will you live with your wife?"

"No. I don't have a wife. I have an ex-wife."


"I take it you want to come to my place."

"Not if you're not okay with it."

David checked the time. "Uh..."

Lyle bit his lip, waiting.

"Okay. Come to my place."

The door opened and someone came in. David spun on his heels and turned on the taps, washing his hands again. He looked into the mirror and found Lyle putting his hard hat back on and looking at his reflection.

"Hey, David," Federico said in greeting. "I hear they're doing your office at the moment."

"Yes," David dried his hands and said, "I was just discussing that with Mr. Wilson, here." He nodded to Lyle who appeared to be deciding what to do.

"Better do a good job." Federico smiled at Lyle. "This is the man who signs the paycheck."

Lyle straightened his back and seemed to relax again. "Don't worry. He's top on the list for pleasing. Talk to you later, Mr. Thornton."