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Forever Young

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Book: Forever Young


Chapter 1

The Nation’s Top Male Model, Mark Antonious Richfield, held his six-month-old daughter, Lily Hayden on his lap. She was at the pediatrician’s office getting her scheduled vaccines. Bouncing Lily on one knee, Mark tried to keep her calm as she chewed her fingers, teething as well, and looked around the small examination room.
Dr Rosen entered the room and smiled at Mark.
Lily was gripped to Mark’s shirt as if someone would steal her away if she let go.
“Hi, Mark. How’s Lily doing?”
“Good, Doctor. Very well.” Mark looked up as a nurse entered behind the doctor. She blushed when Mark smiled at her.
The doctor, in his white clinic jacket, was Mark’s three young children’s primary care doctor. He worked at a medical center here in Butte County, California.
Mark had dressed Lily in a summer outfit so her arms and legs were available for a jab.
The nurse tapped information on a computer as the doctor readied the shot.
Mark tried to distract Lily, who had brown eyes and brown hair, like his second husband’s mother, Ali Bergman.
Dr Rosen gave the injection so quickly, Lily appeared surprised, then she gave him a dirty look.
Mark laughed at her expression and rubbed the injection site gently. “All done!”
The doctor chuckled at her and then sat on a stool and gave her a quick examination. As he did, he asked, “How are the boys?”
“Good! Isaac is doing so well! I can’t believe he’s nearly two and a half. Where does the time go?”
Lily began to complain as the doctor checked her neck and little hands and feet.
“All right, treacle.” Mark cuddled her. The nurse had already recorded Lily’s weight and height.
“She’s doing just fine.” The doctor removed his rubber gloves and stood from the stool. “We’ll schedule her next round of vaccines.” He smiled and said, “Good to see you.”
“And you.” Mark stood with Lily in his arms and looked around the room to make sure he hadn’t left anything. He carried her to the desk in the lobby and waited as the receptionist scheduled his next visit, and he paid a co-payment.
A bowl of lollipops was on the counter.
Lily reached for one. Mark let her pick a treat and then he unwrapped the little pink pop and she stuck it into her mouth.
“Here you go, Mark.” He was given a paper receipt. “The next date is right here.” She pointed to it.
“Good. Ta.” Mark avoided eye contact with the patients waiting in the room and exited the clinic. The June day was lovely. Paradise in early summer was picture perfect. Mark put his sunglasses on as Lily sucked the candy treat. He opened the door of his blue-purple TVR Tuscan sports car and sat his daughter in the car-seat. Mark buckled her in, and then dropped down to sit behind the wheel.
Wriggling her little feet, Lily held up the pink pop and made a loud noise. “Dada…”
“Enjoying your lolly?” Mark giggled.
She nodded and stuck it back into her mouth.
Mark fired up the high-octane sports car, happy to be in it. Since they had a chauffeur, he rarely had the chance to drive it.
The winding mountain roads were perfect for this amazing car. He turned up the music and as he and Lily returned to the mansion, he sang to the songs.
Lily pedaled her feet and waved her lollipop as she ‘sang’ with her dad.