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Never Giving Up

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Book: Never Giving Up


Chapter 1

Fairy lights waved in the breeze surrounding the outdoor crystal-clear pool. Solar blue lamps lit the pathway to the stable as fall began to cool the heat of the late October California evening.

Laughter rose up from the patio as guests sipped cocktails and nibbled appetizers being served by young men and women in black slacks and white cotton blouses.

White and silver helium balloons spun on their ribbon strings, roses and camellias floated in the outdoor pool with small lit candle luminaries.

It appeared to be a scene out of a romance novel.

The Nation’s Top Male Model, Mark Antonious Richfield tilted his head back with laughter as he held up a dirty martini. His thick mane of brown hair surrounded his handsome face, and his green eyes glittered in the warm glow. Dressed in black slacks and a silky black Christian Dior top, his gold chai charm visible on his throat, Mark mingled making sure everyone was happy.

Thirty-one guests of family and friends were invited to celebrate the seventieth birthday of Susan Miller, Steve’s mom.

Steven Jay Miller held a cocktail as he picked up a canapé from a passing tray.

Their chef, Sierra, was doing the cooking, but Mark had hired her six helpers to help her and his manservant, Warren, serve.

Steve smiled at his mom, who was chatting with Mark’s second husband’s parents, Michael and Ali Bergman, here from New York City, to celebrate the happy occasion and to see their two grandsons, Isaac Milton, who was twenty-months old, and Jacob Bentley who was ten-months old. Mark and Stan’s surrogate for Isaac was also here; Becca McKenna. She was pregnant with Stan’s child biological this time, and expecting in December. Isaac was the product of Mark and Becca, and Jacob? He was Mark’s and his ex-fiancée’s, Sharon Tice’s offspring.

While Steve drank his cocktail and enjoyed the gathering, he spotted his soon to be ex-wife, Tadzio, wearing a lovely gown.

With her long flowing blonde hair and lithe figure, Steve would never suspect Tadzio wasn’t born male. She sure didn’t look like a man tonight.

And, she had come with Alexander, Mark’s eldest son, and Alex’s husband, Lt Billy Sharpe.

Steve lost himself on her for a moment, and then tuned into the conversation. He had his new boyfriend with him tonight. His jet and chopper pilot, Toby Smith.