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Balancing Act

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Book: Balancing Act


The Nation’s Top Male Model, Mark Antonious Richfield held his nine-month-old son, Jacob Bentley Richfield in his arms. He had taken Jacob to his pediatrician for his vaccinations and a wellness checkup. While he waited for the doctor, Mark bounced Jacob gently, keeping him occupied. His bright blue eyes were wide and visually exploring the interior of the examination room.

After his lawyer had won his court case and Mark was awarded full custody of the child that was the product of an affair with Sharon Tice-Hill after sex in a church…while Mark’s ex-husband’s family mourned the death of their father. Mark and his ex-fiancé fucked in a storeroom.

Giving Jacob his surname, Richfield, was very important to Mark. His adult son, Alexander, became a superstar after he had changed his from Alexander Mark Lehman, to, Alexander Mark Richfield.

Now Alex, who was thirty, was starring in a nighttime cable drama as well as feature films.

Mark’s middle son, Isaac Milton Richfield, was a bright nineteen-month-old boy, and so smart, his vocabulary was extraordinary. With the help of their nanny, a former firefighter, Blake Hughes and Mark’s second husband, Stan Charles Richfield, Isaac was leaps and bounds ahead of where he should be. Both men taught Isaac daily, and seemed to love doing it.

The doctor entered the room and smiled at Mark.

“Hullo, Dr Rosen.” Mark shifted Jacob on his lap.

“Hello, Mark. So, this is just Jacob’s nine-month exam…and vaccines.”

“Yes. There are no issues.” Mark kissed Jacob’s cheek as the little one chewed on his fingers and watched Dr Rosen.

“Let’s sit him on the table.”

Mark stood from the chair and placed Jacob on the papered table. He rubbed his son’s back and kept him calm.

“Dada?” Jacob peered up at Mark with a nervous expression.

“It’s okay, baby. Daddy’s here.” Mark kept close to him.

The doctor rubbed a cotton puff with alcohol on Jacob’s arm and gave him his injection quickly. “All done.”

Jacob shot the doctor a dirty look and then was thinking about crying.

Mark laughed at his expression and picked him up into his arms as the doctor put a small round adhesive dot on the injection sight.

Dr Rosen checked the charts to see Jacob’s weight which had been recorded by the nurse. He then smiled at Mark. “How is Isaac?”

“Very well! He’s so bright he’s going to outshine his classmates when he gets to school.” Mark cradled Jacob in his arms.

“Wonderful. I’ll see you soon.” The doctor left the room.

Mark adjusted Jacob in his arms and carried him out of the examination room. The nurses smiled and waved at them, giggling like fan-girls.

Mark left the clinic and carried Jacob to his pearlescent blue and purple, TVR, Tuscan. He opened the passenger’s door in the hot summer breeze blowing in Butte County, California. He placed his little man into the car-seat.

Once he was strapped in, Mark dropped to the bucket seat and started the car. He blew the air conditioner and gave Jacob his pacifier. His two small sons were very different in personality. Isaac was chatty and energetic whilst Jacob was quietly observant and very calm.

Jacob waved his arms around and then tried to see the dot adhesive the doctor had stuck on his arm.

“All right, pet, let’s see what everyone is doing, shall we?” Mark smiled at his son and returned to his estate in Paradise.

Backing out of the parking spot, Mark cruised the winding mountain roads to his home. As he did, he thought about this weekend and the guests that were expected.

Mark shifted gears and then rested his hand on Jacob’s leg, very proud of him for not crying when he got stuck. Mark laughed to himself and then turned on the music system. When he sang to the song playing out of the speakers, Jacob danced with him, wriggling his arms and legs, letting the pacifier drop from his mouth and ‘singing’ along with his dad.