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Buying Time

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Book: Buying Time


Chapter 1

Former LA firefighter Blake Hughes followed quickly behind fourteen month old, Isaac ‘Zak’ Milton Richfield. Mark and Stan’s son began to walk, or, race, around the mansion.
Blake, who had been released from the fire service because of a back injury, was now living at the mansion in Paradise, California with his Butte County Fire Captain, Hunter Rasmussen.
Isaac giggled wildly as he realized walking on two feet was a lot more fun than crawling.
Mark Antonious Richfield, the Nation’s Top Male Model, heard his little one’s excitement and peered out of his second floor bedroom to see him.
Isaac ran right into Mark and Stan’s bedroom and squealed in joy that he had found his daddy.
Blake, who was very fit and in his fifties, panted to catch his breath as he stood in the doorway. “He’s quick!”
“Dadaaa!” Isaac fell against Mark’s leg as he tied his necktie in the full-length mirror, preparing for his helicopter ride to their office. He and his ex-husband, Steven Jay Miller, worked in Sacramento at Mark’s deceased father’s garment manufacturing firm, Richfield-Miller International.
They had offices in Sacramento, New York, London, and Paris.
“Well! Look who’s racing around the manor.” Mark finished knotting his tie and reached for his boy. He held him in his arms, and said, “Oh, my! Who’s getting to be a big boy?”
“He’s a bruiser.” Blake laughed.
Mark figured Isaac weighed nearly thirty pounds. He was a big little boy!
“Dadaaa!” Isaac’s finger was in his mouth. “Appull?”
Since that was Isaac’s word for food, Mark assumed he was hungry. “Yes, love. We’ll have our breakfast now.” Mark handed Isaac to Blake. “Let me finish, love.” Mark smiled and picked up his gold cufflinks from the dresser.
“Dadaaa!” Isaac screamed and wriggled to be let down.
Blake carefully set him back on his feet which had shoes that blinked with a light when he walked. Isaac raced right for Mark and hugged his leg.
Mark chuckled and put his cufflinks on.
Stan Charles Bergman-Richfield, Mark’s second husband, had just turned twenty-seven on April 1st. His gorgeous, top model husband had bought him a fabulous digital camera, and a high quality piece of leather luggage. They didn’t have a party or celebration for his birthday. And Mark had already given Stan a Lamborghini, and Patek Philippe gold watch for wedding gifts. There wasn’t much Stan needed. But, his gorgeous husband got him two lovely gifts just the same.
Stan opened a few greeting cards that had arrived in the mail. His buddies in Los Angeles sent him one they had all signed, and his parents and sister, who lived in New York City, also sent a card. His father had enclosed a check for five hundred bucks.
His father, Michael Bergman, was a New York State Attorney General, and his mom, Ali, was a lawyer in her own firm. His sister, Leslie, was in law school.
While he stood in the nook portion of the working kitchen, Stan inhaled the scent of bread baking, and bacon frying while their chef, Sierra, worked her magic.