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Love is a Four Letter Word

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Book: Love is a Four Letter Word


Chapter 1

It was the Friday evening before the big event.
In his hand, the Nation’s Top Male Model, Mark Antonious Richfield, held a list of things he had to do. Slowly he was working his way through it. Mark spoke to his manservant, Warren, “Right, we have twenty-six adults, two infants…a dog…” he chuckled as he said the last word.
Warren had his own checklist and nodded as tasks were accomplished. “The bassinette is ready for Jacob.”
A little flutter of nervous excitement washed over Mark. Jacob Bentley Hill was his newborn son. This child, a product of an affair with his ex-fiancée, Sharon Tice-Hill, was about to have his first visit to the estate here, in Paradise, California.
Warren continued, “I’ve placed it in the nursery, where you suggested, across from Isaac’s crib.”
“Yes…good.” Mark, his glasses on his nose, kept referring to his list. “I suspect we can give the guests their usual rooms.” Since Mark had affairs like this before, Warren placed the couples in the same rooms. It made them happy, and it was easier for Warren.
The estate in Paradise was originally built by Mark’s deceased father, Milt Richfield. Milt had also created a garment manufacturing firm, which Mark and his ex-husband, Steven Jay Miller, had taken over.
Years ago, the mansion had been sold to two Brits; friends of the talent agent Adam Lewis. Dr Jason Phillips and his husband Ewan Gallagher had remodeled the mansion extensively, making it more modern, as well as adding walls to the enormous bedrooms, doubling the number. That made it easier to accommodate everyone. Mark had bought the mansion back from the two men after taking over his father’s company once his mother passed away.
Everything had been updated by the two, including the indoor pool, which was now as large as the outdoor one. The tennis courts, the basketball court, the spa…all redone to glorious top quality remodeling. And when Mark purchased it, he upgraded the horse stables as well.
Warren and his wife, Sierra, who was their cook, didn’t live at the mansion. But they took care of everything, maintaining a high living standard for the occupants.
After giving up his Dangereux Cologne modeling contract, Mark continued to work in film as well as being the CEO of Richfield-Miller International.
“Right.” Mark read his list. “Balloons?”
Warren nodded. “Yes. I have the helium tank in the garage.”
Mark peered over his eyeglasses at him. “You’ve got it under control, don’t you?”
Warren chuckled. “That’s what you pay me for.”
“Off you go.” Mark waved him away. “All I’m doing is slowing you down.”
Warren laughed loudly and headed out to keep prepping.
Mark smiled at him and removed his glasses. He had to fly to Los Angeles tomorrow to pick his newest offspring up…Jacob, and fly him in his private jet here to Sacramento airport, then drive him here to Paradise.
As his anxiety grew over his baby-mama’s behavior, Mark took a deep breath and looked for his husband…number two.