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My Three Sons

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Book: My Three Sons


Chapter 1

With the holidays and New Year behind him, the Nation’s Top Male Model, Mark Antonious Richfield had resumed his acting role with his son Alexander in a feature film. He and his superstar son Alexander Mark Richfield were costarring in a gay romantic comedy as the love interest for another, third, man.
Actor B Harper Culp had joined the cast of Venetian Blue as the man in love with both father and son.
In order to finish the film without keeping him away from home, Mark had arranged to be in Los Angeles three days a week; Monday through Wednesday, and then he would be home in Paradise, California for the rest of the week, working at his garment manufacturing company; Richfield-Miller International in Sacramento with his ex-husband, Steve Miller.
Not only was Mark in LA for the filming shoot, he also was keeping tabs on his newborn son, Jacob Bentley. After an affair with his ex-fiancée, Sharon Tice-Hill, whom he had impregnated while in a church in Pasadena at a funeral mass, Mark wanted to be in that child’s life.
That funeral mass was for his ex-husband, Steve Miller’s police sergeant dad. Yes, Mark had fucked his ex-fiancée in a church. What else is new? Nothing he did was logical.
Mark had intentions of having this new child visit his estate up north for his second youngest son, Isaac Milton Richfield’s first birthday.
In other words, life for Mark was chaotic…as usual.
But…by the end of January, the call sheets had less and less on them for Mark to complete. He was very near wrapping his role as Cliff Beckett, movie mogul.
“Mark?” Their director drew Mark’s attention. “Are we ready?”
Mark waited as his face was powdered by their makeup woman. “Yes,” he replied, his character’s lines filling his muddled mind.
Steven Jay Miller worked on the computer at his desk at Miller-Richfield International. Mark may be in LA for the first three days of the week, but he was in his office in Sacramento keeping the garment manufacturing firm running efficiently. His wife, Tadzio Andresen, a Swedish fashion model/actor was with him today at work.
Tadzio, who had completed her transition from a man to a woman after her top surgery, offered to help Steve out while Mark was occupied with the feature film. The blonde beauty sat at Mark’s desk, using his computer.
Their office in a high-rise building in downtown Sacramento was spacious and contained both of their desks and a wet bar area with seating.
With the madness of the holidays just a faded memory, Steve craved peace and calm. What was there to stress over? Sharon Tice-Hill had her baby, obviously admitted Mark was the daddy, and hopefully when that kid, Jacob Bentley, had visitation, he wouldn’t scream all day. Steve wasn’t a fan of children. It was the reason he and Mark divorced.
When an employee from the art department, Sheldon Wyatt, tapped his doorframe, Steve and Tadzio looked up from their computers.
“Mr Miller?” the young man asked.
“Is Mr Richfield expected this week?”
Steve glanced at his wife, then replied, “Yes. He’ll be here Thursday…Why?”
The young man didn’t answer his question, but he lowered his head and said, “Okay. Thanks.”
After the Sheldon left, Tadzio asked Steve, “What was dat about?”
Steve wondered the same thing. He had befriended a young lady, Vivica Scott, from the art department recently. But, that had nothing to do with this young man seeking Mark, did it?
Steve returned his attention to his work.
LAPD lieutenant Billy Sharpe stood in front of an academy class of police recruits; thirty-five men and women insane enough to want to be police officers in Los Angeles.
He taught defensive tactics, which included, arrest techniques and self defense, as well as trying to get the students fit and ready for the mean streets.
As the newbies formed lines in front of him on the mat in the gym, Billy wanted them to go for a long street run. In January the weather was perfect for working out outdoors. It was mild, in the sixties, and no rain today.
Wearing his blue gym shorts and an academy T-shirt, Billy who was fifty years old, was in better shape than some of the twenty year olds he was commanding.
“Let’s go!” he yelled and led them outside. As he began their eight mile route, Billy noticed once again the athletic young men running along with him while the recruits who weren’t in top shape, lagged.
“Get back there and encourage the stragglers,” he thumbed behind him.
When the few men hesitated or exchanged looks, Billy ordered, “Now!”
The three young men raced to the end of the line and he finally heard them shouting, “Good work! Keep going!”
Shaking his head to himself, since this happened with each class, Billy kept up a steady pace and couldn’t wait to be home with his superstar, Alexander, and their Saluki mix dog, Lady.