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Bad Lieutenant

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Book: Bad Lieutenant


Sipping coffee from a white porcelain cup, LAPD SWAT lieutenant Billy Sharpe gazed out of the window in the ‘nook’ area. He and his superstar actor husband, Alexander Richfield were spending the weekend at Alex’s father’s mansion in Paradise, California; a sprawling estate with a property line that went right up to the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. A massive thirteen-bedroom palace with a stable housing three horses; two pools, one indoor one outdoor, basketball courts, tennis courts, a chef, a manservant, a chauffeur with a stretch limousine…

The forty-nine year old police lieutenant had invited his nephew Matthew Nolf to spend time here. He and his young LAPD rookie-nephew had yet another thing in common now.

They had both shot a man on duty.

Billy had served in the army for decades before becoming a Los Angeles Police Department police officer. A year ago, he had been selected Chief of Police for the Santa Monica department, asked to resigned after an incident involving him breaking the window glass out of a pickup truck owned by a rookie he’d fired, ironically, for being heavy-handed and now he was having second thoughts about being back on the front lines, in SWAT.

Billy sipped the strong espresso, up early, before the rest of the group that was staying here, so he could relax and think before his workout in the spa’s gym. Behind him, Sierra, their chef, was rolling out dough for homemade bread for their breakfast.

It was Sunday morning and he needed to head back to Los Angeles with Alex tonight.

But, as he stared out at the golden rays of the dawn, he had second thoughts.

Warren, Mark Antonious Richfield’s manservant, approached Billy with a carafe. “Can I top you up, Lieutenant?”

Billy held his mug higher for Warren. “Thanks.”

“No problem.” Warren, an older gentleman with thinning hair and a sweet smile, returned the coffee carafe to the warmer.

Billy gazed at him and Sierra for a moment, smelling the comforting aroma of the strong brew as he held it under his nose.

The couple had gotten married after meeting while working here, for Ewan Gallagher and his husband Dr Jason Phillips; the two men who had originally hired them.

This house, this mansion, was first built by Mark’s father, Milt Richfield. Then, after he passed, it was Mark’s mother Leslie’s domain. She then, sold it to the two Englishmen, Ewan and Jason, who in turn, sold it back to Mark.

Billy moved closer to the large glass window that revealed an expansive view of the back of the property. Their new groom, Larry McLeary, was leading the three horses out of the barn to graze in the paddock.

He sipped the black, dark-roasted coffee, wishing he lived here permanently.

A soft scuff of a shoe drew Billy’s attention.

The master of the house approached; Mark Antonious Richfield, the stunning supermodel, previously named The World’s Most Beautiful Man, and The Sexiest Man Alive, at least according to the two magazines that had selected him.

Mark, with his long shoulder-length full brown hair, his emerald green eyes, and angular jaw and high cheekbones, always made Billy smile.

He was carrying his newborn son, Isaac ‘Zak’ Milton Richfield, in a pouch. Seeing the top model that way was very strange. Billy had always thought of Mark as a sex object. The baby? That made him more of a dad.

“You’re up early, Lieutenant.” Mark’s smile was gorgeous.

“I am.” Billy had left his husband sleeping in bed.

Mark checked the view outside and said, “I shan’t be long.”

“Are you going riding with Zak?” Billy asked, caressing Zak’s back as he was huddled against Mark in the pouch/sling.

“I am.” Mark tugged a hot pink knit cap lower on his son’s head. “Isaac enjoys it.” Mark kissed the little guy’s head. “Ta.” He left the house through the back door.

Billy watched Mark walk down the paving stones to the barn.

As Billy admired Mark’s sexy strut in his tight britches and high-black boots, he thought about Mark’s first born son, Alex.

Sadly, Alex had come to Mark after eighteen years of not knowing Mark was his dad.

Sierra asked Billy, “Lieutenant? Can I warm a croissant for you while you wait for the others?”

“I’m fine, Sierra. Thanks.” Billy waited near the window to watch Mark riding his white Arabian stallion, Piccadilly’s Phantom. Although Mark usually flew across the expansive meadows, when he was with Zak, they walked leisurely, wary of bouncing the newborn around.

Once Mark vanished from his view, Billy took his coffee with him to the first floor bedrooms, where he, his husband, Mark’s ex-husband, Steven Jay Miller, and his new spouse, Tadzio Andresen, were sleeping.

Billy entered his and Alex’s bedroom, seeing Alex still asleep.

Billy gazed at him.

Alexander was twenty years his junior, and still wild and crazy. Billy wasn’t sure he wanted Alex to change.

Alex’s cheating, however…

I’m not one to talk. Billy had recently had his own tryst with Dangereux Cologne’s newest top model.

One of his fellow SWAT officers, Joe Scarbino, was now a model, taking over for Mark, who wanted to be a dad full time.

Seeing Alex’s hair as long as it was when he first met him, nearly a decade ago, Billy smiled as he held the warm mug to his lips.

Alex, Alex, Alex

Their relationship had been impulsive from the start. At the time he first met Alex, Billy was living with a soft-porn star, turned bookstore owner, Angel Loveday. Angel’s son Oliver dated Alex while they were in UCLA’s drama school together.

Billy may have been unable to steal Mark from his then husband Steve, but, he had stolen Alex from Oliver with ease. Alex had a ‘thing’ for cops, like his dad does.

Billy set his mug aside and crawled over the bed to his sleeping beauty.

A soft sigh came from the superstar.

Alex rolled to his back, his hair a mess from his tossing and turning, his morning erection tenting the sheets.

At the moment, he and Alex were going through a rough patch in their marriage. Both of them continued to enjoy extramarital affairs. He had used protection. Alex? He had not. But Alex had gotten tested last week at the walk-in clinic, and was lucky. He had not contracted anything.

Billy squeezed Alex’s hard cock through the bedding.

“Mmm.” Alex hummed and spread his legs.

Billy drew the sheets down and sucked the head of Alex’s cock into his mouth.

“Why’d ya get out of bed?” Alex asked, his voice hoarse from his slumber.

“I’m here now.” Billy took off his shirt, tossing it on the floor.

Alex bent his knees and straddled.

Billy stood from the bed, removed his clothing, and crawled towards Alex. He wrapped his arms around Alex’s thighs, nuzzling into his balls and groin, licking a tattoo of a lieutenant’s badge on Alex’s pelvis with the words, Billy and Forever on it.

Alex, looking sensual with his cat-like green eyes, said, “Fuck me.”

Billy had every intention. He knelt upright and jerked on his cock to get it harder as Alex stretched towards the nightstand to toss Billy lubrication.

Using the lube, Billy jerked himself with it as he gazed at his movie star husband. He advanced on Alex, aiming his cock between his legs.

Alex opened up, drawing his knees to his chest.

Billy glided in and shivered.

While he made love to his man, Alex jerked on his own cock, staring at Billy.


His lieutenant.

Alex adored him. He may cheat, he may screw around with other men while away filming, but, William Paul Sharpe was his true love. From the first time he’d laid eyes on him, Alex knew, Billy would be his.

The powerful forty-nine year old SWAT lieutenant had a barbed wire tattoo around his biceps with Alex’s name scrolled into it. His eyes were steel blue, and the hair at the lieutenant’s temples was turning gray.