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Holding Tight

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Book: Holding Tight


Becca McKenna held an early pregnancy test in her hand. Waiting for the results to appear, Becca held her breath while standing in her bathroom in her studio apartment in West Hollywood.

Yes, she was anxious. No, she wasn’t late…yet…but, come on!

“Shoot.” She was not pregnant…yet.


Mark Antonious Richfield worked at his desk in his high-rise office in Sacramento, California. Slowly, he was getting his father’s company back to its prime, updating inventory, buying fabulous new fabrics from around the globe, and inviting college students to submit designs and fresh ideas.

Taking a break from the computer, Mark rubbed his face and dragged his hair back from his eyes. It was getting long, longer than he liked. He looked more like his son, Alexander, than himself when the length grew past his shoulders.

He just needed a minute of down time to get to his stylist, Javier. Life had been so hectic, Mark felt as if he didn’t have time for much…but…

It was going to get worse before it got better.

He and his ex-husband, Steven Jay Miller, had just acquired the estate in Paradise. Mark had grown up in that mansion in the hills, and couldn’t believe he had it back.

In June, when they had a weekend free, they could move their clothing to the stately home.

The sellers were friends of one of Mark’s lovers, the talent agent, Adam Lewis. Jason Phillips and Ewan Gallagher purchased the estate from Mark’s mother a few years ago. The two men were from England and desired to return to the United Kingdom. They had completely remodeled the thirteen room palace, updating the interior as well adding solar panels to the home.

As Mark took a break from working on the computer, he touched his new gold/platinum/sapphire and diamond wedding ring. Although he and his young partner had eloped in Las Vegas, Stan Charles’ mother, Ali Bergman, insisted on a large New York wedding with her family.

So, Memorial Day weekend, they were scheduled to fly out, then, Steve and he were going to hit Paris and London, visiting the two offices of their International branches.

Richfield-Miller International.

As Mark thought about the effort it was going to take to get through the ceremony and festivities of their wedding celebration, complete with a photographer from a style magazine, Mark was already exhausted.

He looked up from his work when Steve entered the large office, a stack of fabric samples in his arms.

He set them down and brushed off his hands, then walked over to Mark.

“Hullo.” Mark smiled at him; his Steven, in a designer suit, macho good looks, blue eyes to die for, and a heart of gold.

Steve dug his fingers into Mark’s hair and drew him to his lips. “Hungry, gorgeous?”

Since Mark’s new husband was still in Los Angeles, and he usually brought he and Steve lunch, Mark checked the time. “Not really. It’s only eleven-thirty, love.”

“I am. I’m going to hit the deli. I’ll get you something. You can stick it in the bar fridge.” Steve kissed him again. “Fruit and yogurt?”

Rubbing his belly, Mark wasn’t hungry at the moment. “No. Ta.”


Steve admired his ‘Top Model’ business partner, falling in love with him over and over. He touched the gold band on his finger, one bought for him by his new husband, Tadzio Andresen. The lovely blond Swedish runway model and he had recently married in a civil ceremony in the courthouse in LA.

So? Now Tadzio couldn’t be deported, right?

Tadzio may be his legal husband, but Steve was only madly in love with one man.


“I’ll get you something light.” Steve ran his hand over Mark’s silk necktie. “And a latte?”

“Yes. Iced?”

“You got it.” Steve winked at him and left the office.


‘Overwhelmed’ wasn’t enough to describe how Stan was feeling. He’d gone from driving a limousine for a living, to becoming ‘Mrs Mark Antonious Richfield,’ to starring in a huge feature film with Mark’s superstar son Alexander.

And…Tadzio had found dozens of auditions for him to attend for acting roles in everything from television to independent films, to commercial voiceovers.

While Adam Lewis was in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with his husband Jack Larsen, Tadzio had used Adam’s computer at his talent agency.

There, the young twink had located lists of auditions Adam had not sent him on, had not sent Tadzio on.

Last night, Stan had taken the time to research every role he was offered, and then he lined up appointments to audition for them.

Why Adam had not sent them to him, or to Tadzio, was a mystery. It wasn’t a secret Adam disliked him. After all, Stan had taken Mark away from his husband, Steve Miller.

But, that wasn’t any reason for the agent to breach his legal contract.

Since Stan had to go to the studio in Burbank, he had not joined Mark in Sacramento. Mark had gone with Steve.

Steve was on the prowl for Mark’s ass.

Stan could stress himself out over it, or trust Mark.

He chose to trust his new hubby.

Stan added the auditions to his personal calendar and then sat back from the computer in the house he shared at the moment with Mark, Steve, and Tadzio, in Bel Air, California.

He stood from the desk in the home office, jogged to the upper floor, and readied himself to go to the studio for a rehearsal after he auditioned for the commercial voiceover.

The ads were for a large car manufacturing company, for their pickup truck line.

This current project, a new feature film he was cast to play the lead in, also starred Alexander Richfield. It was a fabulous cast, an award winning director, and had all the makings of a huge hit.

Lover Boy; he played a security guard for a jewelry store that winds up falling for the guy who robbed it.

Since neither he nor Alex was backing out of the production, they had to pretend they were lovers.

No, it wasn’t porn, but it was gay romance.

Stan tucked his wallet and keys into his tight jean’s pocket, and spotted the two tuxedos they had recently rented for their wedding.


White tuxedos. They had tried them on as a joke. Tadzio was the driving force to actually wear them. Since Mark and he had already married in Vegas, Stan wasn’t sure it mattered.

Yes, the wedding was going to be covered by a style magazine, but hell, what was wrong with a white tuxedo?

He smiled to himself, read his phone for missed text messages, and jogged down the carpeted stairs.

Slipping on shoes, Stan armed the security system, left the house through a door connecting the kitchen to the garage, and climbed into his green Aventador Lamborghini, a birthday gift from his top model husband.

Stan backed out of the garage, lowered the door, and took off, headed to Burbank; first to audition for the truck commercial, then to film the movie.