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Book: Obsession


“Hi, Dad.”
“Alexander.” Mark stepped into the house, carrying a bag of clean clothing for his husband. “Well? Did I miss the show?”
“They didn’t do it.” Alex closed the door behind Mark. “Why didn’t you run with Steve?” Alex followed his father to the back sliding door.
“I went riding on my motorbike.” Mark set the bag of clothing down and spotted Steve and Billy naked, rubbing towels over their heads and backs. “My. That is a pretty sight.” Mark opened the slider and stepped onto the patio.
Tadzio leapt to his feet and raced towards him.
Mark opened his arms and accepted Tadzio’s hug. “How are you, my pet?” Billy caught his eye.
“You missed them in the pool.” Tadzio’s cheeks were flushed from his excitement and the warmth of the day.
“So Alexander has told me.” Mark cupped Tadzio’s cheek tenderly and approached his masculine police officers. He folded his arms. “Well. What new mischief are you two up to that my son had to drag me over here?”
Billy looped his towel around Mark and pulled him into his arms.
Steve stood behind Mark, sandwiching Mark between them.
Mark caught both his son and Tadzio staring with anticipation. “Behave.”
“Ha!” Alex said loudly.
Steve reached around Mark’s hips to his cock, massaging him over his clothing.
Billy dropped the towel and nibbled Mark’s jaw and neck. “Fuck, you smell good.” He pressed his nose into Mark’s skin and inhaled.
Steve’s fondling excited Mark. He knew his son and Tadzio were witnessing the contact, so he gently moved out of the middle of this macho-man sandwich.
When he glanced down, he noticed Billy had a solid erection.
The rush to Mark’s groin was instant. He attempted to hide it. “Well…what are we doing?” Mark ran his hand over his hair as he stepped back. It was then he could see Steve’s cock was pointing his way. Mark wasn’t happy about his son and Tadzio seeing it. He pressed his palm over Steve’s cock. “I brought you clean clothing.”
Steve used Mark’s hand to stroke himself.
“Alexander, why don’t you and Tadzio wait inside?”
“Uh-uh.” Alex shook his head.
“Take off your clothes,” Billy hissed in Mark’s ear, causing his skin to prickle.
“Not with the boys here.” Mark removed his hand from Steve’s grasp. “Alex, nothing is going to happen. Please go inside.” Mark picked up a towel and hid Steve’s erect cock. “Steven, please.”
“Nope.” Alex stepped closer.
“Nope.” Steve licked Mark’s jaw.
Since he was struggling to get control of the situation, Mark backed up quickly and lost his balance. He flailed his arms and landed in the pool.
Billy covered his mouth to avoid an explosive laugh as Mark surfaced and sputtered.
“Nice one, Dad!”
Mark glared at his son.
“Do you have your wallet and phone?” Steve asked, holding the towel in front of his crotch.
“No.” Mark sat on the ledge and dripped.
Billy brought over a towel and crouched beside Mark, taking Mark’s shirt off over his head and wringing it out.
“Don’t do that. It’s silk.” Mark took the towel and dried his face.
Billy shook out the shirt and draped it over the back of a chair. As Mark removed his shoes and socks, Billy shook his head at the hilarity. “Well, it’s the only way to get you to strip.”
“Alex! Get me clean clothing.” Mark shooed him and Tadzio out. “And you help him. Go!” He waved them both on.
Steve used the towel to dry Mark’s back and hair.
“Enough.” Mark held up his hand and appeared exasperated.
Alex and Tadzio entered the house, obviously convinced nothing was going to occur.
Billy hauled Mark to his feet and opened the zipper of his slacks.
“Have no doubt the chlorine will ruin my outfit.” Mark shimmied out of the wet pants. He wore nothing underneath.
Steve made a whimpering noise and Billy tossed the pants on the same chair as the shirt.
Mark wrapped the towel around his hips and tried to act as if he were in control, but Billy knew he was struggling.
“I need a shower.” Mark looked down at himself. “The two of you are impossible.”
“You fell.” Steve wrung out his shorts and briefs, a towel now tucked around his hips.
“How many times must I tell you to not assault me in front of my son and Tadzio?”
“Assault you?” Billy folded his arms.
“Do cover up.” Mark indicated Billy’s cock.
“What the hell for? All of you have seen it, or sucked it.”
“Oy!” Mark swatted him.
“I haven’t sucked it.” Steve shrugged.
“Mark has.” Billy snarled and looped his arm around Mark’s hips, pulling him close.
“Billy, really. There’s a time and a place.” Mark backed away, this time wary of where the pool was. He picked up his wet things, struggling to keep the towel on, and entered the house.
Billy exchanged glances with Steve. “That was fucking hot.”
“I wish I had it on video.” Steve chuckled.
“He’s showering?” Billy perked up.
“What about Alex?” Steve asked.
“Shit.” Billy grabbed his workout clothing and held it in one arm. “Never mind.”
“Hey, Sharpe.” Steve held him back.
Billy tried to see into the kitchen, then gave Steve his attention.
“We’ll figure something out.”
“Alex is through filming. I have no idea if he’s scheduled for more auditions.”
Steve patted Billy’s back and they entered the kitchen.