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When Adam Met Jack

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Book: When Adam Met Jack


Adam struggled to read Jack’s turquoise eyes. So much was passing through them it was difficult to pinpoint what was there. Pain from loss? The possibility of some good sex? What?
“Is there some code of ethics about dating clients?” Adam asked, his hand still contacting Jack’s warm skin.
“Yes, and no.” An ironic smile passed over Jack’s lips.
“I like the yes part. Can we skip the no part?” Adam moved his fingers, caressing Jack’s hand.
Jack peered over Adam’s shoulder to the window that exposed them from the hallway. He removed his hand from Adam’s contact. “Let’s just see how the case goes. You’re in no rush, are you? I mean, we have time.”
Tilting his head in confusion, Adam asked, “What are you talking about? Time for what?”
“To date. Isn’t that what you’re implying?”
Covering his mouth to stop his laughter, Adam muttered, “You are amazing.”
“Am I?” Jack blinked his bright blue eyes.
“Yes. A second ago you told me you are sickened by men like me. Did I do something to change your mind? Win you over? Are you trying to tell me we can date after this whole mess is through?”
Adam sat back in the chair and gave Jack’s enormous body a slow once over. “I sure as shit hope you and Ms. Knight strike a deal with the DA today.”
Jack burst out laughing, quickly controlling himself. “Christ, I don’t remember the last aggressive wolf I’ve encountered. I can say it’s been a while.”
“Why? Are you kidding me?” Adam found that hard to believe. “Any gay man would drool over the likes of you, Jack Larsen.”
“I don’t go out much. I work here, work-out, sleep. You know.”
“Don’t you get hit on in the gym?”
“No. I have all my equipment at home. I don’t go to a gym.”
Adam looked behind him at the movement beyond the plate glass, lawyers coming and going. “I’m keeping you from your work. Can we get together for lunch? We can call it strictly business.”
“Sure.” Jack rose up from the chair.
Before they left the privacy of the conference room, Adam asked, “You can make this nasty business go away for me, can’t you?”
“I will try my best. Until we speak to the prosecutor and see what kind of a deal he’ll cut, I have no idea.”
“Okay. I get it. Oh, do you live alone, or with—”
As if a shadow passed over Jack’s face, he shook his head. “No, I live on my own.”
“Oh,” Adam was about to add, ‘good’, but the devastated look held him back. Holding out his hand, Adam reached for a shake. When Jack grabbed it, Adam squeezed it tightly, hoping to convey his attraction, if his words hadn’t already. “I’ll prove to you I’m not a monster, Jack.”
A wry smile on his lips, Jack responded, “Except in bed?”
At the comment, Adam roared with laughter. “Oh, man, I can’t wait to get my hands on you, Jack Larsen. You are my dream man.”
“It is flattering to hear you say that. Thank you, Adam.”
“It isn’t just flattery, Jack, it’s lust.”
Shaking his head in amusement, Jack opened the conference door. “I’ll call you the moment I hear anything.”
“Thanks, cutie. I’ll be waiting.”