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Book: Jealousy


Dax was buzzed on strong beer. He ate his fries two at a time and was enjoying getting to know Greg. They were almost the same age, he was twenty-nine, Greg was twenty-eight, they both were transplants from other states to California They shared a loved for the same music, films, and enjoyed working out.
“…so, I went back east for the holiday.” Greg set his burger down and wiped his hands. “My parents are cool. You know, into the whole eco-thing.”
“Florida?” Dax turned up his nose.
“Indiana?” Greg threw a fry at him.
“Okay.” Dax laughed, holding up his hand to deflect the throw. “So. They’re okay with you being gay?”
“Oh, hell yeah. I wouldn’t give a shit if they weren’t.” Greg shrugged. “I’m beginning to think everyone is into everyone else. Our generation and the ones after us are experimenting with both sexes.” Greg appeared to attempt to locate their waiter.
Dax spotted him and waved. “Do you want another round?” he asked Greg.
The waiter approached. “How are you guys doing?”
“Another?” Greg held up his mug.
“Me too.” Dax nodded, taking a big bite of his burger.
“Got it.”
Dax finished chewing and sipped his ice water. Getting back to the conversation, Dax replied, “I agree. I know of so many people who are into sex, period. And whether it’s with men or women, seems to be unimportant.”
“Personally? I think that’s highly evolved.”
“One thing that isn’t.” Dax dipped his fries into barbeque sauce.
“What’s that?”
As if he’d struck a chord in Greg, Greg reacted, sitting upright.
Dax became intrigued. “Um. Anything you want to share?”
Greg looked up as the waiter brought more beer, and a pitcher of water to refill their glasses.
Just as a controversial topic was broached, Dax heard a ringtone, and it wasn’t his.
Greg took his phone out of his pocket and read the name. He held up his finger. “One second. Okay?”
“Sure.” Dax nodded and wiped his mouth with the cloth napkin.
Greg stood from the table and answered the phone. “Hey.”
“Hey. Where are you? I’m at your place.”
“Were we seeing each other?” Greg plugged his free ear.
“I thought we could hang out. Where are you? I can meet you.”
“I’m at the Abbey with a friend.” Greg glanced at Dax who was eating and texting.
“Lee.” Greg took a look at the crowd, as well as the line waiting to get into the popular spot.
“What? Come on, Greg. It’s Saturday night.”
“I’m well aware of that.”
“Are you on a date?”
Greg didn’t think he was. “No.”
“Lee…” Greg felt like shit.
“Hey. It’s fine. I’ll be home if you feel like stopping by.”
Greg disconnected the call and stared at Dax.