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GA Hauser writing as Amanda Winters

Orion in the Sky<br />GA Hauser writing as Amanda Winters

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Book: Orion in the Sky
GA Hauser writing as Amanda Winters


“A car accident isn’t the only way to die, Damion.”
“Okay. I’m looking this up on the computer.” Damion got off the bed and returned with his laptop.
Bobby scooted up so they were both sitting against the headboard.
“What’s your wifi server?”
Bobby pointed to the correct one. “Let me type in my password.”
Damion moved the laptop to Bobby. Bobby used it and opened up a browser, handing it back.
Damion typed, ‘how to battle Satanic curses’.
Bobby winced at seeing it put out there so openly.
“Yup.” Damion pointed to the cure.
“Religion. Nope, not buying it. What if we substitute the word Orion?”
“I like that.” Damion opened a website and read the details. “Should we burn sage?”
“I’m good with that.”
Damion cut and pasted the defense prayer, and used the replace app to add ‘Orion’ to the text. “There.” Damion then searched for more about their favorite hunter.
Bobby rested against Damion’s shoulder, reading the computer with him.
“I have an idea.”
“I’m listening.” Bobby pressed his lips against Damion’s warm skin.
“I want to make up my own protection spell.”
“I love it.”
Damion began typing on a doc.
Bobby was intrigued. “I wonder if there’s a market for being a hunter.”
“You know there is.” Damion stopped tapping keys and seemed to be rereading his words.
“We could create a website, offer our services.”
“If it works.”
Bobby read the short paragraph, smiling at how powerful it sounded. “How will we know if we’ve won?”
“Other than no longer feeling sick and having nightmares, I don’t know.” Damion made sure Bobby could see the computer screen. “Are you ready?”
“As I’ll ever be.”
“Recite it with me.”
“In bed? Naked?”
Damion glanced at him. “Do you think we need to be in armor? Carrying a sword and shield?”
Bobby laughed. “Okay. I see your point.”
Damion exhaled loudly. “Let’s give it a shot.”
“Orion, we ask you to send your warriors to disarm evil curses. We ask your army to remove all foul spirits involved in these curses. In the name of Alnilam, Mintaka and Alnitak make the suffering stop.”
As their voices silenced, Bobby felt an icy chill to his skin.
“Huh?” Bobby turned to Damion.
“That wasn’t me.” Damion set the laptop beside him and drew the sheet higher on his chest.
“But- you heard it?” Bobby looked around the room.
Bobby climbed out of bed and searched his condo. No one was there, and he couldn’t hear the neighbors talking through walls. He returned to Damion. “Okay, I don’t know if this is the power of suggestion, but, I feel good.”