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Fall of Rome

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Book: Fall of Rome


Knowing Noel was the forbidden fruit only made the taboo deed that much hotter. Wyatt whimpered and as he kissed this masculine stud he began to open Noel’s belt buckle.
Noel grabbed his hands. “No. Stop…stop…”
Wyatt couldn’t catch his breath and didn’t want to stop. He released the belt buckle and ran his hand along where Noel had grown hard in his trousers. “Oh, Christ!”
Noel leaned his head on the door and closed his eyes as if controlling himself. “I have to get you back on the floor. We can’t do this.”
“We can do this.” Wyatt began dropping to his knees in the confined space.
Noel grabbed him by his upper arms and brought him back upright.
Wyatt made a noise of pure frustration and watched as Noel composed himself, opened the closet door, and looked out. He grabbed Wyatt’s elbow and shut off the light, walking away from the storage closet and back to the casino, which was becoming busier as the morning waned.
Wyatt heard Noel’s walkie-talkie make a noise.
Noel took it off his belt. “Go for Rome.”
As Noel paused to listen, Wyatt heard a male voice instructing Noel, but not what he said.
Noel said, “Copy,” and hung the walkie back on his belt.
“What?” Wyatt tried not to get anxious.
“One of our guys needs a hand with an unruly group.” Noel began jogging through the narrow aisles of slot machines.
Wyatt kept up and wondered what was going on.
Noel immediately joined two other guards as they tried to usher a group of intoxicated men out of the casino.
As the other two guards argued, Noel put a wrist-lock on one, and dragged him to the glass exit door, tossing him out on his ass. Wyatt watched him in amazement.
A second later, Noel had the biggest of the three drunken men by his neck and arm, and escorted him out, throwing him when he got to the exit.
Wyatt could see the drunken man stumble but not fall, as he turned around, appearing shocked at the power of Mr Rome.
The third troublemaker held up his hand to stop Noel. “I’m outa here. No need to throw me out.”
Noel puffed up and moved towards him menacingly.
The man hurried outside.
Wyatt laughed in amazement.
The other two men, who weren’t quite as imposing as Noel Rome in stature or presence, said, “Thanks, Rome.”
“No problem.” Rome stood at the glass doors, as if making sure the men didn’t return.
Wyatt watched one of the other guards get on his walkie-talkie. “All calm now.”
Noel tilted his head to Wyatt to keep walking to the opposite side of the loud casino.
When Noel pushed open the doors to the fresh air, Wyatt stopped him.
Noel turned around, looking at Wyatt expectantly.
“Huh?” Noel seemed distracted. “We have to do a walkthrough of casino ten as part of my rounds.”
“Hang on, superman.” Wyatt grabbed Noel’s arm.
Wyatt choked and gave Noel an exaggerated gape. “Why?”
“Can’t you talk and walk?”
Wyatt kept up with Noel’s stride. “You stud!”
“All right, don’t make a big deal out of it.” Noel rode an escalator up to the sky-bridge.
“Don’t—” Wyatt shook his head and ogled Noel’s ass from behind. “You rock!”
“I’m just doing my job.” Noel made sure Wyatt was beside him as they walked across the roadway on the elevated crosswalk.
“You…” Wyatt was so infatuated with this man he was drooling. “You tossed those three guys out, single-handedly.”
“They were too drunk to fight.”
“But, those other two guards couldn’t do it without you.”
“They were outnumbered, three to two.” Noel opened the door to the other casino, nudging Wyatt ahead of him.
Wyatt kept looking over his shoulder at Noel. “You’re seriously my dream man.”
“Stop. You’re going to make my ego go out of control.” Noel slowed his pace and began walking around the casino floor.
“Does that asshole who owns these casinos know just how incredible you are?”
Noel stopped and faced Wyatt. “Can you put a lid on it? This is what I’m paid to do. What I’m supposed to be training you to do.” Noel looked around. “But it’s absurd. You can’t do this job.”
“Duh!” Wyatt laughed and ran his hand up Noel’s arm. “What do you look like naked?”
“Christ.” Noel glanced around. “Keep moving. There are cameras all over this floor.”
Wyatt walked beside Noel and couldn’t stop smiling at him. “I think I’m in love with you.”
Noel gave him a sideways glance. “No. You’re in trouble and you see me as your way out.”
Noel didn’t reply, looking preoccupied and also on guard.
Wyatt kept looking at Noel, so proud of how powerful he was. Damn. And sooooo hot!