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Whether or Not

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Book: Whether or Not


Channing Wilson sipped a dirty martini while ogling a go-go boy who was dancing on an elevated platform. Buzzed on the cocktail, he was only nineteen, but managed to sneak into clubs easily with his flirtatious smile and good looks.
His buddies who were also his roommates, Jarvis and Kye, were dancing on the packed floor while colorful lights spun and lasers made designs on the topless, sweaty men.
Channing was here for one thing; a hookup.
He was in college, feeling wild and free while living in a rented house with three roommates, and had no intentions of getting tied down.
He felt a bump from someone on his right side, nearly spilled his drink, and looked in the disorientating flashing lights at a man, shirtless, coated in sweat, laughing, and obviously just off the dance floor.
“Sorry, man,” he said when he realized he had nudged Channing.
“It’s okay.” Channing gave the man’s fabulous chest a good inspection and said, “I’m Channing,” holding out his hand.
“Garth…” Garth got the bartender’s attention. “Can I get that Belgium pale ale and a glass of water?” He wiped his forehead with the back of his hand. “Thanks.” Garth looked over at Channing, and Channing felt the appraisal since it was the same one he was giving Garth.
Garth’s breathing slowed and he leaned his side on the bar, staring at Channing. “Christ…is it the lights in here, or are you gorgeous?”
Channing laughed. “I’m gorgeous…and you’re not so bad yourself.”
Garth looked around. “Are you here with anyone?”
The bartender set both a beer and a glass of water down in front of Garth, he took his wallet out and handed the man a ten.
“With a few buddies.” Channing tilted his head to the dance floor. “You?”
“Same.” Garth guzzled the water, then poured the rest on his face and down his chest in a sexy act.
He now had Channing’s full attention. “Holy shit. You should be up on that platform, not him.” Channing pointed at the go-go boy.
“Damn. If you want to get laid, you’re saying the right things.” Garth put the beer to his lips, staring at Channing.
Channing grinned wickedly. “I want to get laid.”
“Fuck yeah.” Garth downed the beer as fast as he drank the water, showing off for Channing, flexing his biceps.
Channing finished his cocktail and left a tip for the bartender. “I live just up the hill…”
“Awesome.” Garth moved closer to Channing and grabbed his jaw roughly. “Fuck. I was hoping to get lucky.”
“You took the words right out of my mouth.” Channing gripped Garth’s powerful upper arms.
Garth went for Channing’s lips and kissed him, so aggressively, Channing knew immediately Garth’s preference in bed. He was hoping to find a beefy top, and…he had.
Channing hooked Garth by his belt loop and began dragging him through the crowded dance floor to the exit.
Garth stared at the ass of this fine specimen of manhood, and waved to one of his friends as he was led out of the chaotic nightclub. Once outside, Garth took his shirt, which was hanging from his waistband, and put it on as they walked. Channing smiled at him in excitement. Garth grabbed Channing around his waist and kept kissing him, groping his ass as they headed off the boulevard and up a steep hill in the center of West Hollywood.
The moment they were on a side street the noise and traffic lessened. Garth and Channing kept kissing and touching each other, as if the attraction was too strong to wait for privacy.
Garth pinned Channing to the trunk of a palm tree and made out with him, going for a feel between Channing’s legs. He was not disappointed. A fabulous hard dick was under Channing’s jeans, and Garth couldn’t wait to get at it.
Channing did the same, a grab at Garth’s crotch. Garth moaned and looked down at the sight of Channing touching him. “Where the hell is your place? I’m about to fuck you right here.”
Channing laughed. “See that streetlight?”
“Right there.”
Garth grabbed Channing’s hand and they jogged to the large two-level home. As Channing opened the front door with his key, Garth pinned him against the door, thrusting his hips against Garth’s ass, going crazy. “I’m going to fuck the hell out of you.”
“Yeah, I’m getting that feeling.” Channing pushed open the door and laughed.
The house was dimly lit, and Garth immediately could tell it was shared by other young men, since it looked like the inside of a college dorm room. Pizza boxes, books piled in lopsided rows, mail fliers littered the coffee table, condoms, bongs, a wall of electronics, which had a flat-screen TV, and a music system, and there were posters on the walls; a mixture of classic art and rock icons.
Channing led Garth to a room with a double bed, unmade, a computer desk and chair, a dresser; thrift shop vintage, and clothing in piles behind the bed. Garth began to get naked as Channing opened a nightstand drawer and removed condoms and lube.
Garth waited, but his cock was hard and wanted in! The moment Channing removed his last item of clothing, his socks, Garth tackled him to the bed and they rough-housed, laughing and loving it.
“Fuck! You are so hot!” Channing could see Garth’s light eyes were green in the dim light.
“Jesus, where’ve you been hiding? Holy Christ.”