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Book: Lost


Lief made a move to get out of the car. Gunner did was well, and then he stood near the Lamborghini as Lief had a look at the other rebuilt exotic cars.
Gunner thought about asking Lief out for a drink, but…was that wrong to do while Louis was dying in the hospital? Or worse, would Gunner’s company remind Lief of how sick a man could get?
He didn’t know what to do. But looking at Lief’s amazing physique in the close fitted outfit, Gunner wouldn’t mind sex.
It just seemed wrong on so many levels.
Lief admired the absolutely astonishing cars in the showroom. Dreams of being rich and successful, taking the offer to create and endorse a clothing line and fitness meals raced through his mind. When he was first offered it he thought it was just a kind compliment. Maybe not. Maybe this rich client thought Lief should be a designer of sportswear and protein shakes. He just had to place at the top of the triathlon to get that endorsement.
After all, this was LA, the land of the narcissistic, youth obsessed, body obsessed stars. And Lief was gaining a reputation as a top athlete and trainer. He just was hesitant after the biopsy to do anything. What would happen if he signed a huge million dollar deal and then died in a month, or gossip got out he was undergoing treatment.
He simply didn’t know what to do until he knew if he was sick or not.
Spinning around, he looked at Gunner. The tall man was stunning and classy. Ironically, since he was younger than Gunner, Lief thought having a man like Gunner on his arm would be incredible. What a boost to both his ego and image. But how sick is it to ask a guy out when his ‘boy-friend’ is on his deathbed?
The way they had met, the circumstances, though gruesome in some ways, also gave them common ground.
Lief simply did not know how to go about courting a hunky rich car dealer when the potential of Gunner being saddled with yet another dying partner loomed.
Gunner smiled.
It was then Lief realized his gaze had been glued to this man, staring at him as if he was indeed enamored.
You, pretty, pretty man
Gunner salivated over the obvious look of admiration he was receiving from Lief. The craving to have sex with this extraordinarily fit stud was battling with the test Lief had just had and the pending news of Louis’ death. Gunner had thought he had everything under control, until now.
The desire for Lief was growing every minute. They shared so much in common, and their love of cars was top on that list.
Gunner walked closer to Lief and admired the vintage beauty he was standing near. “Some of these cars you can test drive.”
“Oh, don’t even tempt me.” Lief smiled and his face lit up with pleasure.
“I’d love to tempt you.” Gunner didn’t want the double entendre to be seen as inappropriate considering what each of them were going through, but…
Gunner craved something fun. He’d been so emotionally drained by Louis’ illness, celibate since he was diagnosed, and numb mentally and sexually…until now.
Lief checked his watch. Gunner noticed it was a sports watch with all the bells and whistles on it for timing his workouts to heart-rate and pulse.
“I’m sorry. Am I keeping you from something?” Gunner stepped back, feeling as if he was intruding.
“Well, since I can’t sit on a bike seat at the moment…” Lief tried to laugh, but Gunner saw right through it. “Sure. Which car can I play in?”
“Have you ever driven a Bizzarrini 5300 GT?”
“Driven? I’ve never even heard of one.”
Gunner gestured to the back of the showroom. “1966…365 hp, 5,359 cc Chevrolet Corvette overhead-valve V-8 engine, four-speed manual transmission, independent front suspension via wishbones, coil springs, telescopic shocks, and anti-roll bar…”
“Oh, God…you’re really killing me, Gunner.”
“Hang on. Let me get the keys.”
“Holy shit…”
Gunner unlocked the key box and said to his co-owner, “Taking the Bizz out for some air.”
“That kid’s got seven hundred thousand?”
“Don’t know until I ask.” Gunner winked and opened a bay door. He pulled the car into the sunshine, left it running and then gestured for Lief to sit behind the wheel.
Lief was pumped to be able to drive a car that looked as if it should be a centerfold in a magazine, one he’d jerk off over. He sat in the bucket seat, Gunner beside him, and they buckled up. “Go baby,” Gunner shook Lief’s leg playfully.
“So glad it’s not rush hour.” Lief drove slowly out to the main road and Gunner directed him, “Hit Highway 1 so you can feel the curves in a car built for speed and handling.”
“You don’t have to ask me twice.” Lief headed west and within minutes was on the coastal highway with vista views.
“Open road,” Gunner said, “Feel the G-force. Go on, you won’t hurt it.”
Lief hit the gas and they both were pushed back into their seats.
Gunner opened his window and smiled. “You’re good. I figured a car guy would know how to take the curves.”
“Hell yeah. Straight breaking, blast at the apex of the curve.”
“Damn straight.” Gunner laughed.
Lief flew in the fabulous car until he felt light and high from the sensation. It was exhilarating and Gunner was so wonderful to allow him to drive a car like this. It was like flying, rocketing without leaving the ground.
A turnoff with a view came up, and Gunner gestured to it. “We can turn around there.”
Lief pulled into the parking area and stopped the car, gaping at Gunner in pure joy. “Oh. My. God. I don’t even want to ask how much this car is.”
“Don’t. If you got sticker shock from the Lamborghini, this will give you heart palpitations.”
“You do realize you have the best job in the world.”
Gunner smiled at Lief. “Hmm, top ten.”
Lief stared at the view of the crashing waves. “Thanks, Gunner. This was just what I needed.”
“Anytime, Lief. I get it. I do.”
Lief turned in the seat to look at Gunner and said, “You do. There is no doubt in my mind you do get it.” Without a second thought, Lief went for Gunner, lunging at him and going for his mouth.