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The Vampire & The Man-Eater

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Book: The Vampire & The Man-Eater

“Wise ass.” Brock retrieved his glass, drinking it. “Answer my questions.”
Daniel shrugged innocently.
“And what’s with this?” Brock pointed to his neck. “You did this, didn’t you? It was bleeding the last time we met in my car. Are you some kind of fetishist?”
“You didn’t complain when you had your dick out.”
A wash of heat sizzled over Brock’s body. “Shut up. So? Big deal. You’re a good lover.”
“Lover?” Daniel chuckled. “We have never made love.”
“And we won’t if you keep spiking my…” Brock looked into his glass. “Well, whatever you’re spiking.”
“Yes! You must drug me!”
“Then why do I go unconscious after I’m with you?”
“I wear you out.”
“Bull shit. No one wears me out. Do you have any idea who you are dealing with here?” Brock shook his head at the lunacy.
“A man-eater,” Daniel purred seductively.
“Yes! I’m no wuss.” Brock finished his drink. After he set it on the bar he caught his cock-sucking-bartender’s jealous eye. Well, there was a need to be jealous. Daniel was amazing looking. “He thinks he wears me out,” Brock muttered, shaking his head. “You’re lucky you’re so fucking gorgeous. I wouldn’t even be standing here talking to you otherwise.”
“A snob?”
“A connoisseur.”
“A rose by any other name.”
“Fine. Insult me.” Brock threw his hands up in exaggeration.
“I know you want me.”
“Don’t flatter yourself.” Brock crossed his arms over his chest, staring at the go-go boys.
“Oh, lord, a tiny cut and a sleepy head and he’s insulted.”
At the condescending tone, Brock snarled, “Get away from me.”
Daniel grabbed Brock by the hair behind his head and brought him to his lips.
At first Brock resisted, infuriated by the aggression and disrespect of his feelings. But the minute his lips contacted Daniel’s, he melted.
As the world around him blurred into a carousel of spinning color, vibrating sound and heat, Brock’s limbs tingled with pleasure and his cock stood at attention. Daniel sucked at his tongue, his teeth dragged across it. Driven to a deeper kiss, Brock’s knees gave out from the swoon. Holding Daniel around his neck to prevent toppling over, Brock didn’t really want to kiss him this way. Not in front of the jealous bartender, possibly Eli, and god knew who else. He would rather they find a dark wall to hide against. Most men did.
When Daniel’s fingers fondled his penis, Brock found the strength to pull back from his mouth. “Not here.”
Eli was staring at him. A few others as well. A nice little public display to entertain the masses.
Just when Brock thought Daniel would grow angry, Daniel laughed.
“Stop playing with me,” Brock snarled. “You are not amusing anyone.”
“I’m amusing myself.”
“Christ, and I thought I was a narcissist. I met my match!”
“You have indeed, Brock Hart.”