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What Happens in Vegas

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Book: What Happens in Vegas


Greg looked at him. “So? I may be the reason you aren’t getting laid.”
Liam nudged the empty glass aside and rested his elbows on the counter. “Yeah, ya fuck. It’s all because of you.”
Greg glanced at him and saw his smile. He sipped his beer and said, “I guess it was a trade-off. Time with a buddy to do some guy things, or…dealing with shopping, manicures and Britney in order to get my dick wet.”
Liam cracked up and covered his mouth as he did.
The waiter must have heard him because he came right over, and picked up the empty beer glass. “Another?”
“Yeah.” Liam nodded as the waiter left, then he looked at Greg who was still staring his way, smiling wryly. “I sometimes envy Rasha.”
“Oh?” Greg had similar thoughts about his brother, but didn’t know if he could do what it took to be gay. He loved the companionship of a man, but…could he suck a cock? Fuck a guy in the ass?
“Yeah. It’s like he has his cake and eats it too.” Liam stared at the madness of the chefs making hundreds of orders behind the counter. “He’s happy to dress up and play a drag queen, gets his dick sucked on a regular basis, and all the men want to fuck her…him…her.”
Greg nursed his beer. “What’s said in Vegas stays in Vegas too?”
Liam looked over at him as if intrigued. He reached out his hand in a confirmation of the confidence of his sincerity.
Greg shook it in a silent pact. He downed the rest of his beer and when the bartender brought Liam’s fresh one, along with the onion rings, he asked Greg, “Another?”
Greg nodded, biting an onion ring but it was too hot to actually chew, so he put it on his plate before he burned his mouth, watching it steam through the crispy coating.
Liam was still staring at him.
Greg sighed. “What you said? Envying Rasha? I kind of think the same about Skylar.”
“Your brother.”
Greg nodded, blowing on the hot onion ring and taking another bite. Once he wiped his fingers on a napkin, he said, “I just don’t know how far I can go with a guy.”
Liam looked over his shoulder, as if making sure no one was listening. “Are you curious? Enough to experiment?”
It wasn’t as if Greg didn’t want to be with a woman. He had dated women since he was fourteen. He had no issues getting erections with them, nor did he have to think of sex with a man to get hard. But…
Greg’s new beer was set down and the waiter said, “Your order will be up soon.”
“No problem.” Liam ate an onion ring.
Once the waiter left, Liam touched Greg’s knee under the cover of the bar counter. “I would be up for it.”
“How far have you gone with a guy?”
“Me? Nothing. You’re the one who said you had a gay experience.”
Greg thought about the mutual jerk-off session in high-school with the quarterback. That hardly counted as a gay experience in his book.
Liam’s hand ran down to Greg’s knee, squeezing it.
Right before Greg was going to ask him what he had in mind, the waiter served them both their burgers.  “Enjoy, gentlemen.”
“Thanks.” Liam brought his hand back to the counter to pick up the burger. He nodded, chewing. “The bun makes it.”
Suddenly conflicted about how to deal with a three day Vegas trip, with Carmen, and the opportunity to do something in Vegas, which would ‘classically’ stay in Vegas? He had no idea if he could dive in. Suck a dick?
In silence, he ate, staring at the amazing action of chefs behind the scenes, laughing, joking and having a great time. Several employees checked on him and Liam to make sure they were enjoying the food or needed anything.
It didn’t take long for two hungry men to finish both their food and their beers.
Liam asked for the check.
Greg dazed off into space, not seeing or hearing anything, thinking of Carmen and his expectations of their three days here together when he asked her to come with him.
He removed his phone and called her. Liam, paying the tab, glanced at him quickly and then seemed disappointed.
“Hey,” Greg said, “Where are you?”
“Jen and I are about to get a full spa treatment. Are you interested?”
“If I say no will you be mad?” He heard Liam thank the waiter.
“No. I’m not mad. Actually, I’m lucky we met Liam and Jenny last night. I mean, I don’t want to do anything you do, and you don’t want to do anything I want to do.”
“I wondered about that. I mean, with you being on your period.” He cupped his hand so Liam could not hear. “Can I get anything out of you at all this weekend? You promised a hand-job last night but ended up coming in near three a.m. and puked.”
“You heard me throw up? And you didn’t come into the bathroom to help me out?”
“Help you? You mean hold your hair back? What?”
“Jesus, Greg, I would have at least sat by you to comfort you.”
“I’m sorry.”
Liam stood, holding his jacket, waiting for Greg.
“I’m not mad. To be honest, Greg, our relationship hasn’t been very good.”
“I know. I was hoping this weekend may help.”
She laughed. “I’m having a great time with Jen. Is Liam angry she’s not with him?”
Greg asked, “Are you mad Jenny isn’t with you right now?”
He got a look of disbelief from Liam.
Into the phone Greg said, “He’s okay with it. We all like different things.”
“After the concert, okay? We’ll meet up for a drink or something. I know you really wanted us to try to reconnect this weekend, Greg. And I appreciate that. But…I don’t really think this is working. It’s me, not you.”
Hearing the classic breakup line, Greg got his answer. “Okay, babe. Just enjoy yourself. You needed this just like I did.”
“So you’re not mad we’re ending it?”
Greg glanced at Liam. “No. We gave it our best shot.”
“You are a sweetheart, Greg. You will make some woman a very happy lady.”
Greg glanced at Liam’s crotch. “Yeah. Maybe. Have fun.”
“You too!”
Greg disconnected the call and walked out of the noisy restaurant to the casino. Liam was behind him.
“I was thinking of maybe just lying down in my room, taking a nap.” Greg walked towards the elevators.
Liam followed, quiet, head down.
They stood at the six elevators, waiting for one to light up. One made a ding noise, so the two of them walked closer to it. When the door opened, the same two gay men they had seen previously, kissing, were at it again. They parted quickly and looked shy, holding hands as they left the elevator.
Greg entered, waiting for Liam and poked the number to their floor.
Greg felt Liam move closer. He could see his reflection in the mirror. Greg glanced at him. Liam’s expression was now easy to read. He was horny.
Opening his mouth to say something, anything to prevent what was going to happen, Greg felt the pressure of Liam’s body against his, pinning Greg to the back corner of the elevator.
A wash of pure heat hit Greg and he heard Liam’s breathing accelerate.
They arrived at their floor and the elevator door opened. Liam backed up, appearing nervous and out of breath.
Greg was excited. There was no denying that, either the lack of physical contact, or his attraction to Liam was making his dick hard.
They stood in the hallway, having to go in different directions.
Liam, holding his jacket over his shoulder said, so softly, Greg had to lean closer to hear, “Can I come to your room?”