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Top Men

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Book: Top Men


“Remember when we realized we were both gay?” Jeff whispered, running his hand over the tight globe of Mickey’s bottom. “Parked in that vacant church lot? Late at night?” He pressed his lips against Mickey’s neck. “The minute we figured it out…remember what we did?”

Mickey released a sensual sigh.

Jeff felt both their cocks pulsate as they pressed together. “We wrapped around each other, on duty, and kissed for almost a half hour in the front seat of our patrol car.” Jeff licked his way to Mickey’s jaw. “…and groping each other’s dicks through our uniform trousers…remember?”

Mickey’s arms were limp at his sides, covered with roping veins from his working out.

Jeff lowered his right hand to Mickey’s shorts. He flipped open the button. “Your tongue fucked my mouth. It drove me insane.” Dragging the zipper down, Jeff dipped his fingers into Mickey’s tight clothing. “On duty, in uniform, in our patrol car.”

Jeff released Mickey’s erection from his briefs, sliding over its length. He chewed his way to Mickey’s mouth, running his lips over his coarse shadow. “…how many blowjobs have you given me on duty, Mick?” Jeff knew this kind of talk would drive Mickey wild. He ran his tongue over Mickey’s bottom lip. “A dozen?”

Jeff took Mickey’s lip between his teeth gently. “At least?”

Mickey moaned, his head fell back and his cock pulsated.

“You sucked me every chance you got. Every open premise, back stairwells of tenement houses, the bathroom at the precinct…” Jeff increased his stroking, rubbing his fingers over Mickey’s oozing slit, feeling his own cock pressing against his shorts. “You dirty cop…dirty, dirty…”

Mickey grabbed Jeff’s head and kissed him, opening his mouth and ramming his tongue inside Jeff’s mouth. At the force of Mickey’s attack Jeff was propelled back, slamming into the coffee table, upsetting the empty beer bottles, stumbling over the leather chair and hassock, as Mickey moved them to his bedroom.

Mickey dragged Jeff’s shirt over his head and dropped it on the stairs leading to the second floor. Their mouths still sucking and licking at one another, Mickey tore open Jeff’s shorts as Jeff yanked Mickey’s t-shirt over his head.

Jeff ran his hand over Mickey’s torso, his smooth taut skin. He was so hot for this crazy blond cop he could spurt. They tripped into Jeff’s bedroom, kicking off their shoes and socks, dragging each other’s shorts down their thighs. Parting from Mickey’s mouth to get him naked, Jeff panted hard, his excitement piqued. Grabbing the material of Mickey’s Calvin’s, Jeff ripped them down his legs. His own clothing coming off as quickly, the minute they were both nude, they wrapped around each other and connected their mouths again.

It was so rough it was painful. Their growing beards scratching each other’s face, the grinding of their cocks was manic in their need to penetrate, to come.

Jeff was going insane. He let loose an animalistic growl and shoved Mickey back onto his bed. Horizontal, they continued to suck on each other’s tongues and lips, writhing on the mattress. Unable to take much more, Jeff parted from Mickey’s mouth and dug into his nightstand. Under him Mickey gasped for breath, pumping both their cocks together as he waited.