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Mile High

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Book: Mile High

The ding-ding of the signal to take off their seatbelts finally sounded. Owen could see some movement in the front of the plane as the attendants got their drink cart loaded. Taking a five out of his wallet, Owen blinked in shock as that tall handsome man moved out of his seat and sat right next to him in the vacant one.

“Hey,” he whispered in a deep masculine voice.

Owen was so shocked he almost didn’t answer. Completely agog at his boldness, Owen cleared his throat and croaked, “Hi.”

“You mind if I sit here?”

“No! No. It’ll be nice to have the company.” Owen felt his skin cover with chills and his cock go rock hard at the overt act. Wow? Could his life finally get some excitement? Or was the accountant destined for boredom eternally? Getting a closer look at this amazing man’s face, Owen admired his square jaw, dark shaven stubble, incredibly blue eyes, and chocolate-colored thick brown hair that was long enough to cover his ears and brush his denim shirt collar. Owen lost himself on his sideburn, which was cropped short, halfway down his ear. Perfect. Absolutely perfectly groomed and smelling divine.

“I’m Taylor. Taylor Madison,” he said as he extended his right hand.

“Owen Braydon,” Owen replied, taking that warm hand and squeezing it. The grip was electric and communicated something sexual as if they were screaming at each other their attraction.

“Business trip?” Taylor asked, taking back his hand slowly.

“No. Uh, I have a young daughter in the Denver area. I visit every weekend.”

Nodding, Taylor looked down at Owen’s lap. Owen wondered if he was checking his hand for a wedding ring, or maybe his crotch for a hard-on. He didn’t know which but hoped what Taylor found he liked.

The attendants finally made it to their row with their cumbersome cart. “Would you like a drink?”

Owen nodded, “White wine, please.”

“I’ll take a beer, thanks,” Taylor said, then handed her a ten-dollar-bill and pushed Owen’s hand away when he offered money.

As she set a small bottle of wine on Owen’s tray table, Owen wondered if she realized there had been an empty seat next to him, and now it was occupied. She didn’t seem to blink or care.

When she left, Taylor poured his beer into the provided glass.

Owen said, “Thanks, I’ll get the next round.”

Laughing softly, Taylor replied, “All right.”

“So,” Owen cleared his throat, trying not to sound nervous, “What’s the reason for your flight?”

“I’m a project manager on a construction site.” Taylor sipped his beer and licked his lip after.

Detecting a slight accent, Owen nodded, gazing at this man’s mouth as he tried to decipher where he was from. “You…you travel often?”

“I will be. The closer it gets to completion, the longer I have to stay.” Taylor set the glass on the tray in front of him and boldly placed his hand on Owen’s thigh.

Owen thought he would combust. It was so bold, so daring, so unbelievable, he froze under its heat. In his ear came a breathy whisper, “You’re fantastic looking, you know that?”

Swallowing his anxiety, Owen knew he wasn’t ugly, but fantastic? That was quite a compliment coming from a man who was his ideal description of a male model. As the vision flashed through his mind of Taylor posing for Calvin Klein briefs, under the concealment of the tray Taylor’s hand caressed Owen’s thigh muscle over his snug-fitting faded blue denims.

“Shit. Can we get thrown off the plane for this?” Owen craned his neck up to see where the drinks trolley had gone.

All Taylor did was laugh softly.

Sucking the wine down so quickly it went to his head, Owen set the empty glass next to the empty bottle, and snuck his hand on top of the one on his thigh, holding it tightly. Once Taylor had finished his beer, he placed Owen’s empties on his own tray, folded Owen’s tray up, and then shook out a dark blue flannel blanket after taking it out of its flimsy plastic bag.

As Owen looked on in complete awe, Taylor pushed the arm up that was separating them, yanked the screen down over the window to provide some darkness, and spread the blanket over both of their laps. “Christ,” Owen breathed, “you’ve obviously done this before.”

Laughing under his breath, Taylor replied, “Uh, no. I never have. I just figured it’d be best to be discreet.”

“No shit!” Owen looked around but none of the other passengers appeared interested, too busy drinking their drinks and nibbling peanuts.

“Oh. Sorry. Was I getting the wrong vibe from you?” Taylor sat back from him.

“No!” Owen answered, then lowered his voice. “No. Right vibe, just a little nervous.”

“Are you gay?” Taylor asked in a whisper.

“Uh…” Owen didn’t know how to answer that question in order not to turn Taylor off. “How about bi-curious.”

A big grin appeared on Taylor’s lips. “That’ll work.”