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Making Love

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Book: Making Love


In this newest edition to the Action! Series novels, Mark Antonious Richfield begins to question his high pressure LA lifestyle, made even more evident with the sale of his family’s estate in Paradise, California. Although Mark has always had mixed emotions about the home he grew up in, the emptiness of its loss has left more sadness in his heart.

Meanwhile, Lt Billy Sharpe of the LAPD, has been called to the scene of a hostage situation. Yes, Billy thought he had left the action of the SWAT team behind when he was transferred to internal affairs, but somehow he became swept up in the drama and risks his own life and the lives of his old SWAT team members. When Alexander Richfield, Mark’s son- Billy’s new husband, finds out that Billy has placed his life in jeopardy, Alex finds the act selfish and unforgivable.

As tensions mount between the couples and Mark’s stress level becomes impossible for him to handle, the friction between partners begins to get hostile. When Mark realizes the impact Billy’s actions have on his son, Mark is immediately drawn in as peacemaker between the two, and forbidden attractions begin to form.

Adam Lewis and his husband, Jack Larsen, Mark’s longtime companion, realize something must change or Mark will self-destruct as he has done in the past. But this time it’s impossible for either man to make a difference in anyone’s lives but their own, and they too, nearly suffer from the consequences of the fallout from Lt Sharpe’s life-changing decisions. Consequences which originate from Billy’s on duty police incident start to have a domino effect; the actions which began from Billy putting his life on the line and directly into a shoot-out with a heavily armed suspect.

Another day in the life of the Action! Men…Superheroes or madmen- the one thing they can count on is love. And without Making Love, and holding onto their priorities, their relationships would fall apart.

Be anxious, laugh, cry, and enjoy another chapter in the lives of the men of the Action! Series you have grown to adore.