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One Two Three

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Book: One Two Three


Ex-airman, Granger Broussard loved dominating men. There was no other option in Granger’s mind. He was top dog- period and sex was either his way, or no way.
Living off the Strip in Las Vegas, Granger should have been used to walking on the wild side, but in reality, he craved someone calm and stable to be a life partner. At twenty-eight he enjoyed his work as a health club manager, his new condo, and especially hot-rodding around in his classic green ’55 T-Bird.
Conservative investment banker, Thomas Perkins had a good career, great friends, and everything he needed in life. When his co-worker and best buddy Ken Hancock brings him to a new gym, with a tough-as-nails personal trainer named Granger, Thomas immediately gets a ‘vibe’ from the young man. But Thomas simply was too intimidated by the Granger’s powerful aura to tempt fate and flirt.
Twenty-one year old Romeo Lansing had a secret. More than one. He loved to play sub to Granger’s powerful Dom, but…never felt close to the macho man emotionally.
As Thomas becomes drawn into Granger’s life, he realizes he is not part of a couple- no. Not one man, not two, but three men, joined together for a crazy night of BDSM passion.
What both Granger and Thomas need to decide is if three can be the answer, or someone has to go. And with good friendships in the balance, the answer is never as easy as ‘One, Two, Three’.