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Book: Timeless

A Story of Devotion

There are some loves that are so powerful, they know not the limits of time nor death. In this sci-fi short, we find a lover who has lost his partner, and becomes obsessed trying to fix the past and bring back what he once had.
Set in the future, in an era when being transported back in time is possible, Terry Lennox goes on a mission to change the future, which was his past. Experiencing culture and music he knew as a youth, or perhaps only knows because of the bodies he inhabits, Terry does everything he can to be reunited with Sky Norwood, his one and only love.
The two paired souls appear to crisscross lives as Terry battles to save the life of the man he loves in order to have one more moment with him. Allow your belief to become suspended, and imagine a love so intense, nothing can prevent it from uniting for eternity. Quantum Leap meets gay romance…
Timeless…love without boundaries and two hearts destined to be one.