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Marry Me

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Book: Marry Me


What happens when you have a reputation as a cad and you hire the perfect man to work in your office? Workplace romance is a recipe for disaster. Surviving the rough patch in the economy, Braxton Todd’s LA PR firm was flourishing. Having one assistant, both of them overwhelmed by work, Braxton hires someone to give them relief from the hectic non-stop phone calls and emails from their demanding clients. And not only was Braxton going out of his mind with too much work, his love life had taken a dive ever since he got the reputation as a hit & run lover, which he was; ‘A one-date-wonder’.

Roped into a charity event where he is auctioned off for three dinner dates with three different people, Braxton ends up being the prey for a trio of terrible dining companions and can only think of one man. The man he just hired to help him out.
And that man, Fabian Rhys, is too good an employee to dare cross the line into a relationship with and risk losing him as a worker.

Fabian Rhys was sick of temp jobs and when he got the offer from Braxton Todd, the infamous PR man whose reputation was a splattered all over tabloid press, he knew one thing. He could not be attracted to a man with a notorious reputation as a one-hook-up cad. But when Fabian began the job, and could see the press had painted Braxton in a terrible light. The two men began to dance around each other at work, terrified of ruining a good thing.
Would either man cross the line and risk losing what they needed financially? Or did the connection have disaster written all over it?
When two A-type individuals find working with each other a breeze, what will it take for them to jump the divide into each others’ arms?
Maybe it was two simple words. Marry me.