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Band of Brothers

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Book: Band of Brothers


Two young men in their early twenties, Austin Shelby and Henry ‘Woody’ Woodcliff, had somehow lost their way. Living in Albuquerque, petty thieves, neither man had family or hope of becoming anything more than inmates in the county jail.
Orlando Ancho had other plans. Working in his family restaurant, going to med-school, Orlando meets the two young men one night when they come to the restaurant for a meal. Immediately Orlando suspects they are living on the street, and may dine and dash. But what Orlando doesn’t expect, is to find a common bond with these men.
Being deep in the closet, living with a brother who was a harsh critic of Orlando, and extremely homophobic, Orlando had no intention of coming out. Hiding from intimacy, Orlando led a lonely life. When Austin and Woody, exchange a ‘blood’ vow with him one night, Orlando admits his sexual attraction to the fair-haired Austin, craving his love and touch.
But jealousy and violence becomes inevitable, and disaster strikes one of the trio.
What had begun as a friendship between three very different men, turns into a journey for this Band of Brothers; blood brothers…who are put to the ultimate test of trust and loyalty.