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Bending the Rules

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Book: Bending the Rules


Top model Mark Antonious Richfield didn’t want to let go of his family estate in Paradise, CA. Though his childhood home brought both good and bad memories, Mark struggled with a decision on selling it. On a visit to the mansion with his husband, Steve Miller and their closest friends, Jack Larsen and Adam Lewis, Mark begins to recall memories about his father he had repressed for decades. Dark, painful recollections that overwhelmed him.
His son Alexander Richfield, and his fiancée SWAT Lt Billy Sharpe of the LAPD adjust to their new home in Bel Air as well as trying to plan a wedding in New York, which is constantly put on hold because of their busy schedules.
When a sexy androgynous newcomer Tadzio Andresen is cast as Alex’s love interest on the hit vampire series, Being Screwed, Alex and Billy’s love and trust is put to the test. 
In Book 11 of the Action! Series, delve into the darkness of Mark’s early years, and his son’s determination to withstand the forces that try to tear him and Billy apart.
Sometimes you don’t have to break the rules to survive- when just Bending the Rules is enough to give you a boost in the right direction.