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Born to be Wilde

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Book: Born to be Wilde


Out, gay, Jesse James or ‘JJ’ Wilde screwed up when he was a college student. Caught selling dope on campus, he got a twelve year prison sentence and with good behavior, would get it cut to six. He’d kept his nose clean, and kept to himself, avoiding conflict and trouble.
Corrections Officer Mike McClintock, the newbie at the prison, fresh out of the academy, finds himself inside a state penitentiary, caught up in the gossip, battles and claustrophobia of being locked inside a level two California state prison.
When the two men meet inside, both Jesse and Mike feel the heat of attraction, but Jesse doesn’t want to jeopardize his release time, nor anger other inmates jealous. And Mike could risk his job, and his life, if he acts on his desire to be with Jesse.
Can two men from opposite sides of the law find love in the most unlikely of places?
They’re both in for a wild time. And as for Jesse James, he was Born to be Wilde.