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The Adonis of WeHo

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Book: The Adonis of WeHo

Having lived a life of ease in the heavens, Adonis had done well keeping a low profile and staying out of trouble.
But jealous Hera, whose wrath had come down on every half-mortal-half-god on Mount Olympus and earth, finally had him in her sites. She ordered Adonis to find a mortal woman to marry and mate, spreading his seed. Adonis had to accomplish this feat in two weeks, the consequences. And with someone as volatile as Hera, he knew it was no idle threat. She had saddled him with wings, merely to make his feat even more challenging.
The only problem was...Adonis loved men, not women.
Reese Anderson is a writer of erotic gay porn. Though he lives his life in his fantasy land, pumping out a plethora of novels per year, Reese doesn't have good luck with men. They come...and they go.
One day on the beach in LA, Reese spots a man with wings and thinks he is seeing an angel of his death. Though he panics and the man flees, Reese returns to that beach to find that mysterious man, one who is desire incarnate.
Little does Reese know that his life is on a collision course with the gods of Greek Mythology as he finds himself in love with an Adonis. The Adonis. And Adonis soon becomes the star of Hollywood, and the 'Adonis of WeHo.'