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Living Dangerously

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Book: Living Dangerously


Ex-Navy SEAL Brandon Kennedy thought opening up a high-tech-extreme training center in Los Angeles would be a new beginning. He and his buddies pooled their finances and built a workout facility which combined militaristic boot camp workouts with gourmet meals and posh lodging. A perfect fit for the Hollywood elite.
His marriage dissolving, his mental state declining, Brandon begins to spin out of control in an effort to find what he needs out of life.
And Brandon fills that need with drugs and prostitutes. One thing Brandon never expected to find through living dangerously, was true love.

Enjoy some of the characters from the best selling GA novel Happy Endings, and see how Brandon's life on the edge brings him to a place he never expected, at peace with his inner demons and in the arms of someone who loves him for the man he is 'post war'.