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Behaving Badly

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Book: Behaving Badly


For once, Mark Antonious Richfield thought everything was going well in his life. His full time job at Parson’s and Company was fulfilling and his side career of modeling for a cologne ad was enjoyable. He and the love of his life, ex-LAPD officer, Steve Miller, as well as their best friends Jack Larsen and Adam Lewis, seemed to be getting along perfectly. What could possibly go wrong?

When a young eighteen year old man appeared at their door, their whole world was turned on its head. Though Mark at first couldn’t see anything unusual about the teenager, the minute Steve set eyes on Alexander Lehman, he knew he was a Richfield clone. Mark had an illegitimate son, one as sensual, gorgeous, and mischievous as himself.

As Steve and Jack struggle to come to terms with the younger version of the hot model they fell madly in love with, Alexander becomes infatuated with the handsome cop, making life unbearably complicated and miserable for Mark.

With the new addition to their household, Mark and Steve take a crash course in the lessons of fatherhood, all of them learning right from wrong the hard way.

Can the young sexy ‘Mark junior’ manage to control his voracious appetite for older men? Or will Mark and Steve’s relationship collapse with the struggle for power between sons and lovers? Follow the tale of Generation seX as the youth begin to take over for their fathers.