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Having it All

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Book: Having it All


In a town where having it all is what everyone strives for, Mark Richfield and his son Alex, already seem to be living the highlife in LA. But are they?
Jack Larsen, Mark's closest friend begins to fantasize having Mark play Dom instead of his absolute submissive behavior. This dream becomes an obsession for Jack as he tries to lure Mark into a one on one evening.
SWAT Lt. Billy Sharpe is adjusting to life as Alex-The-Superstar's sugar daddy and bodyguard, dealing with constant tabloid gossip, paparazzi and life post-Angel Loveday, his partner, who has since moved onto another relationship.
In the bizarre crossroads where the Hollywood elite intersects Gay men, life is never easy, nor simple.
Come join Mark and all your Action! Series favorites as they learn Having it All is really about finding trust, hope, and true love.