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Cowboy Blues

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Book: Cowboy Blues


Gay cowboys? Gay rodeos?

Rainbow Rough Riders Rodeo, is a small, newly formed group made up of a diverse selection of gay men who each have their own reasons for wanting to compete in the rodeo challenges and enjoy the fun of the celebration of the wild west.
Follow three couples; Ken Marsh, the forty-one year old founder of the group, his forty-five year old country music singer lover, Lyle Jackson; the two bearded cuddly bears who are the perfect couple, Rob Grafton and Victor Sarita, and the youngest of the bunch, Mike 'Clint' Wolcott and the object of his desire, Cheyenne Wheeler.
Six men, three complicated relationships, and all the thrill and hardship that goes with life on the road, moving town to town, riding bareback and enjoying a good hard buck! And that doesn't even include the rodeo competitions!
Cowboys. The new macho sex symbols, or maybe not 'new', maybe just the sexiest men around. But being a cowboy sometimes is a hard road, and even Cowboys get the blues.