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The Crush

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Book: The Crush


Thirty-two year old Cooper McDermott knew marrying an eighteen year old pageant queen was a mistake. And after two years, his young wife began a spree of cheating on him, breaking his heart.
Newcomer from New York City to the Los Angeles area, Blair Woodbury joins the staff of the law office where the stunning Cooper McDermott works. Blair considers himself bisexual, but has just ended an affair back in New York with a man. It didn't take long for Blair to get a full blown crush on Cooper, especially when he was asked to represent Cooper in his divorce. Blair knew getting emotionally involved with a man on the heels of a bad breakup was bad enough, not to mention the object of Blair's desire was straight-
As their friendship grew and they became best buddies, Blair's crush on Cooper became extreme. When Cooper agrees to go for a 'boy's weekend in Vegas, as his sexual curiosity began to emerge, Blair knew he was in for a crazy adventure.
Can Blair convince Cooper that his feelings for him are real? Or will this fantasy of Blair's be simply just a crush on his co-worker. All Cooper kept hoping was that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!