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The Hard Way

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Book: The Hard Way

Thirty-seven year old Richard 'Dick' Hunt III denied he had a 'death wish', but his lifestyle of extreme sports and high risk hobbies had put him into the hospital on numerous occasions. Living the high life on a trust fund left to him by his grandfather, Dick became infamous in his exploits, his affairs with young men, and living on the edge. In LA celebrity came to those with cash, not necessarily talent or intelligence. So the tabloid press and paparazzi had a field day publishing Dick's exploits.
William Winsor, or 'Prince Charming' as his lover Dick liked to call him, worked as a fundraiser for a state college. He met Dick at a black tie affair and immediately was smitten with the charismatic man.
For two years Dick and William lived together, loved together, and adored each other. But William knew some dark secrets about the wild playboy that even the media had missed.
For William, life with Dick was like waiting for a train to wreck. He knew Dick had serious problems, both physically and mentally. And nothing Dick did was easy. On the contrary, everything the man did was The Hard Way.
(This novel is based on the characters in the free short story, Fun With Dick)