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London Bloody London

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Book: London Bloody London

Enter the mysterious sensual world of Victorian, 19th century England. There you will find beautiful young Alexander Dupontiff whose life on the back alleys of London is changed forever. Though Alexander had never heard of the word Vampire before, nor recognize one when he met him face to face, he was spun into a world where his urge for sexual gratification, the sucking of blood, meant more to him than his own eternal life. The handsome vagrant, who was more comfortable bedding a whore than working a day in his life, falls literally onto the lap of luxury. In this tongue-in-cheek adaptation of the blood-sucking legend, Alexander becomes the companion and homoerotic lover of an ancient being, Leopold, a creature he is only beginning to comprehend. Yet in this story, there are no garlic cloves or religious crosses to defend the helpless, no all knowing sages to unravel the mystery. On the contrary, these vampires mock the legend. Dressed in gentleman's clothes, Alexander continues his conquests with the ladies and lads, though with a whole new twist. His teeth as well as his hips give him unheard of pleasure, which he constantly craves. Jealous Leopold tries vainly to rein in this sexually charged, wild fledgling before he makes their lives a complete disaster and spells doom for them both. Mixing sexual adventures with a sense of humor, this unusual twist on the tale will leave you smiling.