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Hot Rod

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Book: Hot Rod


Rod Reynolds lived and breathed his career as an FBI sniper and undercover agent. It was all he ever wanted in his life until…
An incident on the job landed him a twenty-year sentence for manslaughter in the San Quentin penitentiary. Rod did ten of his twenty year term and was released from prison to pick up the pieces of his life. While incarcerated Rod earned a reputation as 'Hot Rod', as he traded favors inside. Making allies was something nearly impossible for an ex-agent who worked the streets turning in drug dealers. But he did what he had to do to stay alive.
Dr. Foley Russell did his time in the Iraq War with the troops as a reservist, volunteering to be on the front line with a medic unit. Now, back in the States, Dr. Russell worked at Good Samaritan Hospital. He too, was trying to readjust to life as a civilian. The men meet when Rod's sister, Serena, a nurse for the same hospital, intentionally brings the two men together.
Both men with nightmarish personal experiences, attempting to regain what they once had. Sanity and a normal life. Will the conflict behind them be too much for them to overcome? Or will Foley's desire for 'Hot' Rod be the driving force in getting Rod back on his feet.
In the end it's about betrayal and trust and whether it's possible to let go of your fear and lay it all on the line. Again.