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Playing Dirty

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Book: Playing Dirty

Keith O’Leary and Carl Bronson thought they had it made. Having landed roles in a top racy television cable drama, Forever Young, both handsome aspiring actors began to believe their dreams of becoming celebrities had come true. While playing a gay couple in the show, Keith and Carl form a genuine attraction to each other, which grows into a loving, trusting relationship. The only problem is, Adam Lewis, Keith’s gay agent, warns them about being seen as a couple in public, and the repercussions down the line after their top rated show, Forever Young ends. Both men struggle to keep their private lives discreet, while someone on the inside is trying desperately to out them to boost the show’s ratings.

Agonizing over having to pretend they are straight for any possibility of a leading man part in a motion picture, both men have to come to a decision as to what they value most. Their love or their careers. This sequel to Acting Naughty shows just how bad the Hollywood hypocrisy could be when it comes to gay men coming out of the closet. It appears that playing dirty, is the only choice they have.