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Book: Julian


The winter of 1983 AIDS was epidemic. Bryan Tyler had lost so many close friends, he was falling apart at the seams. Handsome, rich, intelligent, Bryan had accomplished more in his twenty-four years than he had ever dreamed. But he had no one to share his life with.
Having remained celibate since he was sixteen, Bryan's fear had created a vacuum of loneliness in him he found draining to live with day in and day out.
Until one afternoon while reading the Seattle Times weekend paper, Bryan noticed an ad for a youth in need of a foster home.
Julian O'Connor had lived his entire life in an overcrowded state run facility in Everett, Washington. Nearly sixteen, Julian never imagined having a host family, let alone someone to love him. When he was emancipated, he assumed he'd live on the streets. Unloved, and feeling helpless, Julian had lost hope for any type of successful future. He lived one day at a time, and it was all he could do.
Then two lost souls met.
Bryan imagined raising Julian, giving Julian a strong home life and an education. In return, Bryan hoped Julian would fill his empty life with devotion.
What they didn't expect was a love that grew to obsession and the forces that were trying to tear them apart.
During a time in US history when the AIDS quilt continued to add names at a terrifying rate, life bloomed from the nightmare. And for Bryan, it was all about one person. Julian.