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It Takes a Man

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Book: It Takes a Man


Colby Hollinger was sent home from the army under the dreaded Don't Ask Don't Tell policy. His return to civilian life was not going smoothly. Colby tried to accept his situation and not become bitter. Coming from a military family, he knew his discharge was both a shock and disappointment to them. But Colby was dealing with it in his own way. With quiet resolve.
'Gino' Tyrone Williams, an outspoken youth service counselor, didn't hold much respect for the conservative right, nor individuals who abused their authority. He stood up for the battered young people who he helped, tried to reason with them, and detested heavy-handed treatment and violence.
When Gino and Colby met, Gino's opinion of the militia-primed Colby was not favorable. But soon Gino found out, looks were deceiving and Colby was the opposite of what Gino had anticipated.
Though their relationship was new and rocky, the sex was too hot to resist.
A chance meeting with FBI agents David Harris and psychic Robbie Taylor brought fresh insights to Gino and Colby's failing partnership.
But neither Gino nor Colby knew whether it would be enough to hold them together. It would take trust and respect. It would take a being a strong man to get through the surface of doubt to find unconditional love. The test was in whether Colby or Gino were man enough for the challenge.