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A Man's Best Friend

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Book: A Man's Best Friend


Ronnie Caruso wanted to be a father, so badly he ached.
Ever since he could remember, the idea of having children was of paramount importance in his life. There was one little problem to his plan of matrimony and offspring, he was terrified of commitment, and…he wasn't sure he was truly interested in being intimate with a woman. As Ronnie debated thoughts of adoption, surrogacy and unplanned pregnancy, two things happened in his life; he met an incredible woman, Carrie Archer, and his best friend Heath Sherwood seduced him when he was drunk at a wild party.
The morning-after filled Ronnie with regrets. Ironically, not regretting being sexual with his best friend Heath, but the fear that he was going to want that man in his life, permanently. The big 'C'- Commitment. Heath had no hesitation to give Ronnie his heart. He told Ronnie he was in love with him since they met, and Heath also knew it was the physical part of their connection that Ronnie craved as much as he craved fatherhood.
As Carrie begins to win Ronnie's attention with her kindness and warmth, Ronnie still keeps her at arm's length. If he chose Carrie to be his partner it would dissolve his inner fears of everything that came with an alternative lifestyle. Ronnie hated conflict. All he wanted was for life to be easy, to be happy, to have a baby, and that included enjoying the devotion of his best friend.
Was that too much for any man to ask?
Unfortunately it was.
And jealousy and doubt began to rear its ugly head.