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Unnecessary Roughness

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Book: Unnecessary Roughness


Connor Worthington knew from an early age he was 'different'. But it wasn't until he met Kyle Baker at UCLA lacrosse practice that he knew he wasn't alone.
Fear regarding his sexuality was not new to Connor. He was petrified to let anyone know his true feelings, but was aware everyone around him suspected which way he was heading. Connor played the 'straight' act as long as he could. But it was taking its toll on him. He was sick of it and yearned for a partner and lover.
Kyle recently transferred from the University of Oregon to UCLA, exchanging his Ducks jersey for a Bruin. But what Kyle never expected was to fall head over heels for a long-haired athlete named Connor. The two men instantly grew inseparable, on and off the field. In temporary housing, Kyle needed a roommate and Connor needed to escape the dorms.
Kyle thought he'd found hell when they moved into a small apartment together. Lusting after his roommate distracted him from his studies and practice. But Kyle had a hunch. A hunch that Connor may be in the closet as well.
And he was right.
Problem solved?
Their problems had just begun. When the guys on the team begin to suspect Connor is gay, he becomes a target on the field. Kyle had a feeling coming out to a group of macho sportsmen was a mistake, but they did it. Will the decision Connor and Kyle made to reveal their true sexual nature prove the end of the game?
Two men, holding firm to their beliefs, fight a battle against rampant homophobia and find life can be rough. Unnecessarily rough.

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