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Acting Naughty

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Book: Acting Naughty

Keith O’Leary has been trying to break into acting for ages. When a part in the newest cable television drama, Forever Young, is offered, Keith struggles with the idea of playing a gay man. Adam Lewis, his agent, persuades Keith to accept the role, knowing it’s a chance to star in the biggest new hit on TV. Keith reluctantly agrees, dreading working in a diner like his roommate/girlfriend, Patty, to make the rent money. When Keith meets his fabulous co-star, Carl Bronson, his anxiety is piqued. He has to kiss this man on camera, and much more.

Luckily for Keith, Carl is warm, understanding and willing to coach Keith during some nerve-wracking scenes. Soon the episodes sizzle with their erotic contact and declarations of love.

For Keith those words are beginning to feel like the truth as he grows to love the man he is kissing and touching in very passionate ways. And going through the same exact experience, Carl feels the same way.

As their romance blossoms on and off camera, someone threatens to expose them as real lovers, putting a shadow of doubt on their future in the business. Will they follow the advice of Adam Lewis, and deny, deny, deny, their true feelings to the tabloids? Or take the chance and expose themselves and their love and possibly risk their careers? In part one of two, Carl and Keith learn there’s more to a relationship, than acting.