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GA Hauser writing as Amanda Winters

Sister Moonshine<br />GA Hauser writing as Amanda Winters<br />Non-Erotic

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Book: Sister Moonshine
GA Hauser writing as Amanda Winters



How does any woman find her Prince Charming and live happily ever after? For some women who don’t feel as if they are fit for the task, finding love can bean uphill challenge. This was the case for Grace Dunn who felt like a square peg in a round society. Grace suffers from Obsessive Complusive Disorder, andthough she lives a normal existence, working in downtown Seattle in a simple office job, Grace’s disorder sometimes runs her life.

Living in a small one bedroom apartment on Phinney Ridge, Grace bumps into the complex’s new on-site maintanence man, Ben Hall. Adorable, fit, and only acouple years younger than she is, Ben is slightly mentally disabled, but, like Grace, is able to live and function well on his own.

What appears to be instant compatiblilty and attraction between them, becomes a miserable lack of communication and a series of hurdles, as each of thelovers dreams of a partner to share their lives with, but their families or disability, begins to take a toll.

With the help of her friends, Grace finds the confidence she needs to get over her fears and challenges, encouraging her to stop ‘living her life in herromance novels’ and seek some real love instead.

This story is a simple, inspirational tale of two people who need each other. With determination and courage, can they find a way into a satisfying relationship?