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All Man

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Book: All Man


Chase Arlington had to relocate for financial reasons from New York City to corn country in Ohio with his German Shepherd mix, Mutley. Working as a physical therapist at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Chase thought his skills could be used to serve the men who fought for his country. He didn’t realize he’d miss the rush and glitter of the Big Apple, not to mention being an out gay man in Manhattan where he was open with his family without fear of recrimination.

Staff Sergeant Gary Wilson worked in the air force reserves, soon to be called for his tour of duty in Iraq. He was living day to day, deeply in the closet to his parents and co-workers, passing the time until he went to Al Taji Air Base. Until he met the handsome Chase Arlington.

Every weekend Chase and Mutley ran cross country in the park, only to see the same nine men playing tackle football week after week. Wishing he could participate, lonely and too new in town to have established friends, Chase takes a moment to watch the game.

Instantly Chase catches the eye of big, muscular, Gary Wilson. Gary is smitten by the handsome man and makes the bold move of running after Chase to invite him to even up the sides of their football match. Chase gladly accepts and joins in the fun.

The attraction between Chase and Gary grows by each passing moment and soon they begin to spend all their time together.

But the looming tour of duty is something the two men are dreading, and Chase in particular has very strong views on the war, and fears for Gary’s life.

Inevitably Gary is summoned to duty, leaving behind a distraught Chase.

As the time crawls by until Gary is allowed to return home, Chase tries not to imagine anything happening to the man he loves, until that dreaded phone call comes in the night.

With guest appearances from Secrets and Misdemeanors’ Lyle Wilson and David Thornton, and Leather Boys’ Devlin Young and Sam Rhodes, Chase finds his love, loyalty and patriotism are tested to the extreme as Gary’s fate is in the hands of others.

Sometimes it takes every ounce of strength you possess to convince the one you love that no matter what, you are still the man you were, all man, and nothing less.