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Leather Boys

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Book: Leather Boys


It had been fifteen years since Devlin Young had gone with his mom and dad to the Sturgis Motorcycling event is South Dakota. Now thirty, divorced, and looking for another chance to ride with a pack to the monster party, Dev joined a local bike club called The Leather Boys. At the first group gathering Dev attends he meets Sam Rhodes, a knock-out hunk in leather. Soon discovering that his attraction to Sam was mutual, Dev yearns for them to make the most of the decadence and insanity at the weeklong event. But Sam’s reluctance to be ‘out’ at the biker rally, with five hundred thousand riders, annoys Dev. Soon Dev finds out the hard way why it was smarter to be discreet about his sexual orientation.

Crossing swords with a married man in the group, whom Dev believes is deep in the closet, Dev becomes divided as to which man to pursue. Too many men, and too little time, and it isn’t until Devlin is back home that he finds out the truth about one of the men in leather which instantly cements their relationship.

5 Total Reviews of This Book Devlin Young grew up riding to the biker rallies with his free wheeling parents. Now that he's an adult he is eager to experience Sturgis on his own. Joining up with a local biker group called The Leather Boys, he meets Sam Rhodes, a web designer, and it was an instant attraction for Dev. Gradually feeling Sam out Dev discovers that the attraction is mutual and thinks that this ride to Sturgis may turn into a wild one in more than one way. But, Sam isn’t willing to be open at the rally; he fears the repercussions that they would probably face in such a testosterone laden atmosphere. Can Sam convince Dev that it’s worth it to keep their feelings under wraps for a week, or will Dev wind up getting them hurt?
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There are few if any cookie cutter characters here. At first, the reader is lead to believe Sam is closeted and submissive. Then things get changed around and he’s sexually aggressive.
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Devlin Young decides to relive his teenage years. To do so, he attends the huge bike rally in Sturgis. Bikes are the norm and Dev is not afraid of whom he is. He's not afraid of hiding when he meets Sam Rhodes though he is frustrated because Sam is afraid of being out at Sturgis for fear of being killed by those same bikers.
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Sam Rhodes and Devlin Young meet at a motorcycle club prior to going to a big rally in Sturgis, South Dakota. Their attraction seems to be mutual. Sam proves to be very resistant to Devlin's desire to be more overt about their relationship. Despite requests from Sam and warnings from his Mom and Dad to lay low about his sexuality in that setting, Devlin keeps pushing. With such a big difference between Sam and Dev can what they might have survive until they get home?
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Devlin Young is an erotic gay fiction author who decides to join the Leather Boys, a group of motorcycle riding men who set out on the road to Sturgis, a large motorcycle gathering. His Kawasaki is his pride and joy, a real treat for anyone with a keen eye. It has been a tradition all his life to attend the Sturgis biker event with his dad, but now he went by himself accompanied only by the members of the Leather Boys.
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