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Going Deep

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Book: Going Deep


Dylan Conway thought he had a chance at the big leagues when a scout from the Oakland Raiders asked him to come for a tryout for the team. After earning a football scholarship from Iowa State College, Dylan thought it was a sure thing.

It wasn’t.

Losing his dream to play pro ball, Dylan found a job in LA delivering pizza. What he didn’t expect was to be propositioned at every delivery. Then, to his amazement, he’s asked to work for a photographer of male nudes, which led him to another deeper, darker industry.

Sean Dean, alias ‘Rippin Long’, was tired of working as a gay porn star. For seven long years he was the top earner for Tartarus Studios. Sick and tired of the demands, yearning a real life and respectable work, Sean is stunned to see the latest addition to the Tartarus studios stable of stars. The delectable Dylan Conway.
And Dylan did not hide his instant attraction to Tartarus’ prized stud. To Sean’s terror, Dylan makes a move that scares him to death. Not for sex. Dylan wants a ‘relationship’, something Sean has been avoiding eternally after continuously being idolized as the porn star and not the human being behind the façade.

As the two men collide on set, burning up the screen like no other men before them has, could there be any chance of a real bond between them?

One man jaded and at the end of his porn career, the other fresh and just beginning a new life in it, the possibility for any kind of future between the two seems daunting.

But Dylan finds sage advice from a surprising source which he clings to. To thine own self be true. Learning to trust in himself.