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Double Trouble

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Book: Double Trouble


Identical twins, Donny and Danny Rothschild were never at a shortage to have sex with men. The two gorgeous brothers were taking a break after graduate school to play for a while until they moved out of their parents’ fancy LA mansion, begin careers, and carried on with their lives.

But Donny had grown bored. Casual fucks weren’t a challenge and the growing anxiety that he and his twin would soon go their separate ways was making Donny angry and violent in his sexual encounters.

To kill time and give them something to do before the drudgery of a nine to five job descended upon them, the two men make a bet. A bet to find, seduce and conquer a straight man.

Pretending to be the same person, Donny and Danny go about locating and forming a plan to get their macho heterosexual male prey into their bed to use and enjoy.
Neither brother could predict the anger, jealousy and emotion that came with the unwholesome game.

When loving devotion between the twins changes to a competition and venomous fury, the odds become stacked against them. Soon it seems as if neither could win at their malicious plot.

But something else happened; an unexpected surprise that rose up from the near catastrophe of a horrible charade.

What began as a selfish whim with long standing consequences, suddenly brings two men, who were as close as identical twins could be without being physically joined at the hip, to split up.

And in the one moment, the bond would be stretched to breaking point or make them closer than they had ever imagined. Which will be stronger? The connection they had shared since birth or the yearning to become independent and successful, regardless of the consequences.