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The Wedding Planner

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Book: The Wedding Planner


Practical, handsome, thirty-year old stockbroker Jordon Buck never believed in the fairy tale romances or being ‘head over heels’ in love, even though his mother Maureen, assured him it existed.

Jordon dated Fawn Lea, the energetic, independent, twenty-six year old, blonde airline hostess for three years and felt they had enough in common to tie the knot. He was weary of the endless search for a companion and though Fawn was off flying more than she was in the Big Apple, he imagined it was time to settle down.

Gorgeous, gay, twenty-eight year old, Tyler Holliday wasn’t keen on his current career as a wedding planner. Though Tyler aspired for something greater, a ghost from his youth haunted him and seemed to prevent him from getting into his preferred occupation as a model. Trying not to be bitter about his fortune, Tyler lived his day to day existence with a positive attitude that someday fate would intervene and his life would take on a new direction.

The day he met Jordon Buck and Fawn Lea to help them plan the big event, fate met up with Tyler Holliday.

As Jordon’s busy life on Wall Street is interrupted to begin the arrangements of a luxurious nuptial affair, Fawn’s indifference to the details begins to get on Jordon’s nerves.
Soon Jordon makes a shocking discovery about his fiancé that changes everything.

And with that change, Jordon’s eyes are opened to a relationship he never imagined could be so rewarding.

Maybe his mother was right and fairy tales do come true.