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In The Shadow of Alexander

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Book: In The Shadow of Alexander

The year is 356 BC and the lands of Europe are ruled by Philip II of Macedon and his son Alexander. A young man in his army's phalanx, known for its impenetrable wall of sharp pointed, 15' sarissa, THESSIUS becomes completely enamored by the young golden haired boy, as does a whole army after him.

As one of 45,000 men, he begins the long march with his young king to Persia, and on to India, hoping for a night alone with his beloved ruler. Alexander's first wife, Roxane of Persia, is portrayed as his murderer. Thessius tries his best to prevent Roxane from moving to her victim, but, inevitably, fate wins out and Alexander the Great dies.

With the help of his friends and lover, Thessius manages to find the strength to take the long road back home.