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Mark and Sharon

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Book: Mark and Sharon


Sharon Tice seems to have it all. She's beautiful, confident, sexually aggressive, and holds an executive position in her father's prestigious firm. But when her father puts her in charge of his latest building project, Sharon soon discovers that her life is missing something...Mark Antonious Richfield.

Mark is one of Los Angeles' most eligible bachelors, charming, charismatic and successful. His first encounter with Sharon takes him by complete surprise. Soon Mark and Sharon spend all their free time together. But Mark has a secret he does not reveal.

Sharon is so smitten by the charming, Mark Antonious, she doesn’t suspect a thing, that is, until she's introduced to Jack Larsen, Mark's housemate, and begins to wonder if they’re lovers. Somewhere between rumor and innuendo lies the truth. How far will Mark go to dispel the labeling of being gay he’s dealt with his entire life? Will he allow Sharon’s fears and jealousy of Jack to prevent him from doing what he needs to do to keep his sanity? Or, will it simply remain a question of sex and who Mark really wants in his bedroom?

In this prequel to Capital Games, we find out how far Mark was willing to go to appease his family and his reputation.

3 Total Reviews of This Book Sharon Tice has the world at her feet. Successful, beautiful, and an executive in her father's firm, the only thing missing is the boyfriend to match. But, she soon meets Mark Antonious Richfield, all that a woman could want in a man. Attraction is instantaneous between the two but nothing is ever easy. Rumors and innuendos surround the handsome Mark, especially when it comes to his blond, Adonis of a roommate, Jack. Can Sharon get to the bottom and discover the truth or will it all boil down to A Question of Sex
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exciting story, A Question of Sex charts the birth of a young romance that must first penetrate the barriers of stereotyping, which allows a person to see beyond the surface of another
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A Question of Sex is a raunchy but fun story about two people trying to fit family and their blooming relationship into one neat little package. Sharon’s father cannot stand Mark’s prettiness and long hair, so she hides her growing relationship with Mark. However, her dilemma is greater when
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